There’s A Hilarious Facebook Group Where Millennials Only Talk Like Baby Boomers

If you are friends with a baby boomer on Facebook, you are probably well acquainted with this generation’s particular and oftentimes confounding style of social media interaction.

Their comments are frequently written in all capital letters and riddled with unnecessary punctuation and inapplicable emojis. They post blurry photos of walls and seem to enjoy dropping insults on the Facebook pages of big brands such as Walmart and, infamously, Bush’s Beans. They can be hilariously irreverent when they want to be, often to delightful results.

The online behavior and conversational pattern of old folks has become such a delightful part of Internet culture that they’ve spawned their own fan club, an 867,000 member-strong ‘Old People Facebook‘ subReddit. And now its come full circle.

Twitter user @manhattanna in a now-viral tweet revealed she belongs to a Facebook group called “A group where we all pretend to be boomers,” and it’s exactly what it sounds like.

(Millennials talking like baby boomers.)

“Joined that Facebook group where you can only talk like Boomers and I’m having the time of my life,” @manhattana captioned her post, which included three screenshots of posts in the group.

facebook group talking like boomers

“Dinner with Tom” reads one of the posts, the name ‘Tom’ inexplicably on the second line of text, alongside a blurry photo of a room.

“Can you take anOther photograph I can’t see him,” reads a comment underneath the photo, prompting a boomer-like back-and-forth exchange.

She shared a bunch of other posts from the group in the ensuing thread, some making fun of boomers who post sad messages against colorful Facebook status backgrounds, others employing the beloved Minion meme.

The thread instantly blew up as thousands retweeted @manhattanna’s post, commenting on how accurate it was and how much it reminded them of their own grandparents.

Truly, the real boomers are nearly indistinguishable from the millennials posing as boomers.

The thread even prompted hundreds to join the ‘A group where we all pretend to be boomers’ Facebook group themselves.

So do yourself a favor and run, don’t walk, to join the ‘group where we all pretend to be boomers’ before somebody (a boomer) gets offended (snowflake generation!) and gets it shut down.

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