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Woman Complains To Company About ‘Immodest’ Swimsuit, Finds Out She Drunkenly Put It On Upside Down

Summer is in full swing, which means everyone is showing off their beach body at every opportunity. A lot of those opportunities coincide with opportunities to drink alcohol and that’s when mayhem ensues. A woman named Lyndsey Brown is one of the season’s early casualties, according to the Daily Mail. Brown was visiting a place where many a young woman has gone wild: Ibiza. She wore a brand new, single shoulder strap suit from Pear Swimsuits, and she looked great.

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Twitter: Lyndsey Brown

That was, she looked great until she went to the restroom. Afterwards, Brown felt like the suit had gotten stretched out somehow. It just didn’t fit anymore! Any consumer would be annoyed that a new product didn’t even make it through the day. Naturally, she messaged Pear to let them know that she was disappointed. Not only was the suit uncomfortable, it was riding up in a pretty embarrassing place. Brown said she had to keep adjusting the crotch of the suit. Ibiza is a crazy place, but you’re still not supposed to flash your genitals in public.

funny bathing suit review
Twitter: Emma Milroy

The company was quick to respond, but they didn’t say what Brown was expecting. The patient customer service agent on the other side of the company’s account patiently explained to Brown that it looked like she was wearing the suit upside down. They even included pictures.

funny upside down bathing suit review
Twitter: Emma Milroy

Hey, it’s a mistake anyone could make after several drinks under the hot sun! And this is also why pants are designed to look so different from shirts.

Brown is taking the whole incident in stride. She also wants to clarify that yes, she was kicked out of the beach party, but it was not because of indecent exposure. It was because she was drunk.

Luckily, she has a good sense of humor about herself, because everyone is laughing their asses off about this.

But at least she has supportive friends who posted a good Before picture.

It’s not every day your best friend wears an upside down swimsuit.

This is probably one of the best stories to come out of a trip to Ibiza yet.