This Girl Drunk-Emailed Her Dream Job And The Company Immediately, Perfectly Responded

Landing a job right out of college is hard enough as it is. You start off with very little experience in a time when employers seem to demand 4+ years experience for an “entry-level position.”

You’re also competing with hundreds, if not thousands of your fellow classmates, and it can be very difficult to set your self apart and stand out.

Student Savannah Sunderman, however, had no trouble standing out from the crowd. After admitting to downing a few beers, she found a new wave of confidence and decided to craft a message for the company she had just interviewed for.

Here’s what she sent:

Most interviewers expect a follow-up email from interviewees, but I’m sure they didn’t expect this bold of a tactic. Savannah certainly laid it all out on the line on why she deserved the job and frankly, after that passionate of an argument, who could deny it?

Well, her interviewer certainly liked her moxie and gave her the job almost immediately.

Congrats, Savannah. It just goes to show that if you want something in life, sometimes you need to pound a few Michelob Ultras and go get it.

h/t: Twitter