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Viral ‘Spell Coconut’ Sex Move Has Turned Into A Glorious Meme

The last thing you should be thinking about while having sex is how to spell the word “coconut”—yet here we are. 

“Spell Coconut With Your Waist” is a sex tip that first appeared on social media around February 2019. But Kenyan Facebook group Kilimani Mums Udaku Zone recently resurrected the phrase when a woman offering sex advice to another woman told her to “spell coconut with your waist” while on top. Daily Active, a Kenyan publication also recently put out a handy how-to.

spell coconut, spell coconut meme, spell coconut sex move, spell coconut facebook
spell coconut, spell coconut meme

Over the past few days, Google searches for “spell coconut” have skyrocketed and social media users are creating memes making fun of this weirdly specific set of actions.  

Some focused on how using your higher cerebral functions during sex can be problematic. 

There are some helpful tips. 

Others focused on what could go wrong. 



“Tried to spell coconut on his dick but I made a typo and now we in the ER”



There’s this alien

Some people just want to show-off. 

And some people honestly don’t deserve the extra effort. 

Remember: have fun and be responsible! It’s sex—not a spelling bee! 

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