13 Brave Souls Who Shared The Dumb, Embarrassing Things They Did So The Rest Of Us Can Laugh

Hey, we’ve all done stupid stuff. In fact, we’ve all done stuff that makes us cringe again in embarrassment every time we remember it. That’s just part of being a human being.

Eventually, we’ll all get over the dumb and embarrassing things we’ve done and learn to look back and laugh. Still, there are some people—no, some HEROES—who get over their shame in record time and laugh at themselves almost immediately (or, you know, shortly after).

Braver yet, they share their embarrassment so that we can all laugh together. This post is dedicated to them. May you few brave souls never stop f*cking up and telling the entire internet about it so that we cowards can laugh about it.

1. This person who didn’t know how to pronounce “croissant.”

2. This woman who admitted she thought the new year started on Independence Day.

3. This woman who thought an umbrella was someone attempting suicide.

4. This woman who accidentally called a friend’s grandma something horrible.

Twitter: @HardyCerys

5. This dude who got tricked by a dog statue.

6. This woman who was carrying around parmesan cheese for some reason (???).

7. This guy who got fooled by a chicken quiz.

my dumb ass just took a quiz about “what kind of chicken you are” thinking it would tell me what BREED of chicken I am. I’m roasted chicken for everyone’s information.
babydisco (@ohwaitsorry)

8. This woman who got trolled hard by her mom.

9. This student who turned a term paper in to “Professor whats his nuts.”

10. This guy who deserves getting dunked on for eternity.

11. This absolute pancake fail.

12. This woman who A) got this tattoo, B) Let Guy Fieiri photograph it so he could C) share it with everyone on the internet.

13. This woman who admitted she was such a huge Jo Bro fan she yakked at a concert.


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