Bathing Suit Review Involving A Shark Attack Goes Viral (9 Pics)

What do you look for in a review of a product? Personally, I want to hear from someone who seems reliable, with real-life experience using the product, and photos for their examples. And if there’s an animal attack of some kind involved, even better.

That’s why Twitter user @AmyLeighP may have found the perfect review on J.Crew’s website, written by the perfect buyer.

“This is absolutely what Iā€™m looking for in a bathing suit review,” wrote Amy, sharing a screenshot of the review which is titled, “Survived shark attack in one piece.”


It’s really pretty incredible.

“I loved this bathing suit from the moment I tried it on, super comfortable and very flattering, but a recent experience took my appreciation to a new level,” wrote the reviewer. “I was swimming off the coast of South Carolina when I had an unexpected visitor take a swipe at my lower back ā€”a shark. Despite leaving a huge bruise and red teeth marks on my skin, the bathing suit escaped unscathed. 10/10 would recommend.”

They even shared a photo of their shark bite as proof:


And the undamaged bathing suit:


It takes a licking and keeps on ticking! We all need a bathing suit that will also serve as armor, just in case a shark wants to get into it.

The review was very much loved on Twitter, and the thread became the place where people started posting screenshots of their favorite reviews.

Like the eyeliner that doesn’t smudge in a car accident:

The leggings that keep you from falling down a mountain:

An alcohol that drops you into a Neil Gaiman story:

The moisturizer that will get you through a break up:

The vibrator that turns you into a fainting goat:

And the unintended butt plug:

Who says they don’t make stuff like they used to?