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Woman’s Scary Viral Breakup Text Has People Talking About The “Fragile Male Ego”

Some text messages are so absurd, so obscene, and so awkward that they eventually become famous on Twitter and remain as eternal examples of the worst humanity can come up with at 3 am.

Like this classic:


And this one:


And of course…

One such conversation posted the other day is already racking up an impressive amount of commentary. Let’s just say the writer of this text is rather emotionally unstable, and this poor woman definitely is better off far away.


(Full Conversation Below)

The text begins with a pretty basic “I’m not really interested in this” message, not overly detailed and polite. There’s two ways you could respond: either ask for further information or say, have a nice life!

That’s not what happened.

“LOL whatever i am glad nothing serious happened between us. If i had to listen to you talk about attack on titan or your dumb game i would have killed myself.”

Oh! That’s a lot.

breakup text

He continues: “For the record your nose IS big you look exactly the same the gym is not doing ANYTHING for you…Nobody wants anything to do with you…I should have f**ked you, at least I would’ve left with something but instead you wasted 3 dates and left me with nothing but blue balls.”

breakup text

“I wish you the worst,” he says. “I hope nothing works out for you I hope he hurts you I hope you stay alone.”

Then the kicker: the next morning, we have a chipper, “Good morning!”

DO NOT RESPOND. This person is UNWELL.

Twitter users discussed how this was a classic example of toxic masculinity in action. Unable to deal with rejection, lashing out and insulting about a woman’s looks, sexuality, and interests and then gaslighting her with a “good morning” message like nothing had happened the previous night.

breakup text
breakup text

Messages like these are massive red flags, so it’s a good think the OP already decided to part ways with this man!

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