Starbucks Is Selling A Spooky Phantom Frappuccino For Halloween

Starbucks Is Selling A Spooky Phantom Frappuccino Just In For Halloween

It’s no secret that Starbucks really embraces Halloween. From fall-inspired beverages and goth-themed travel mugs, they really go wild for the season. And now, with the new Starbucks Phantom Frappuccino, they’ve gone even farther. 

The new drink looks like nuclear sludge. It’s totally black with some green “slime” interspersed throughout. It’s not completely appetizing in appearance. But if you are a fan of tropical, fruity beverages, this might be your new holiday favorite.

The frappuccino is a chilled, blended drink made from coconut milk, pineapple and mango essence, Starbucks creme Frappuccino syrup, and “ghoulish lime slime.” You can choose to top it off with dark coconut whipped cream, and lime drizzle made from spirulina, charcoal powder, and lime and lemon juice.

Phew! It’s also totally vegan.

“As more people choose a dairy-free diet, we are making sure customers don’t have to miss out on new product launches by widening our range of vegan-friendly options,” a spokesperson told Insider. 

The catch? It’s unfortunately only available in Europe for five days, launching on Oct. 26. 

And also? Controversy about whether or not black charcoal is actually a thing you should be consuming. I know it’s trendy, but here are some facts: activated charcoal is considered a detoxifier (it’s often used in hospitals to treat overdoses), but charcoal can suck up good nutrients like calcium, potassium, and other vitamins. Activated charcoal can also absorb certain medications like birth control pills, making them ineffective. And while you’d probably have to eat a lot, maybe check with your doctor first if you have concerns.  

In 2018, activated black charcoal was banned in New York City eating and drinking establishments due to an FDA ruling that prohibits it from being used as a food additive or coloring agent. Places like Morgenstern’s Famous Ice Cream took a big hit when they were unable to produce their famous black ice cream.  

But relax! It’s not like you’re going to Europe anytime soon, right? Or is that just me? 

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