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Amazon Is Selling A ‘Ghost-Detecting Stone’ That Turns Red If A Ghost Is Nearby

If you’re a fan of all things supernatural, you’ve probably tuned in for endless hours of Ghost Hunters and wondered why you haven’t been lucky enough to come face-to-face—or at least face to translucent smoky figure—with a ghost yourself. Maybe you have and you didn’t even realize it at the time. Well, now you never have to miss out on an experience with the dearly departed again with this ghost-detecting stone. 

Amazon is selling a Japanese product called the Baktan Reiseki. Made by a company called SolidAlliance, the little device can apparently detect whether or not there are any spirits in the area and will begin turning colors when there’s any activity in the area. The product has been around since 2005 and the company has continued to release new and improved versions, with this being the latest. 

Amazon Halloween, ghost stone, ghost detecting stone, ghost hunters, ghosts, stone that detects ghosts

But wait a minute—this sucker doesn’t just find ghosts!

The seller also claims the stone can detect the presence of angels. The little stone will turn blue if there’s an “angel” around and red when there’s a “ghost” around. When the light is just green, that means you’re free and clear of otherworldly beings. There are also some in-between colors like blue-green and yellow, but no one seems to know what they mean. 

You can operate the stone in three different modes. “Search mode” allows you to push the button on the stone once so it can begin scanning the area to see if anything freaky is going on. “Automatic search mode” does the same thing, only it does it on its own every 10 minutes—great for if you’re staying overnight in a potentially haunted house, I suppose! “Barrier mode” claims to protect you from any nefarious spirits that might be about, though the makers of the Baktan Reiseki aren’t exactly clear on how that might work. 

Whether or not this ghost-detecting stone is the real deal or simply a clever novelty toy, one thing’s for sure: you need one.

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