Not Sure I’d Spend My Money On It, But You Do You — Christmas Edition (17 Weird Products)

While we love the holiday season, sometimes all of the Christmas stuff can be a little much.

Yes, by all means, hang your stockings with care, but I don’t need your toilet to be wearing a Santa outfit, got it?

Check out these outlandish and totally unnecessary Christmas decorations that people are actually buying.

I need some eggnog.

1. An Advent Calendar for your cat so they don’t feel left out during the holidays.

I mean, come on, what kind of feline mother are you?

2. This rather festive bleach because nothing says ‘Happy Holidays’ like scrubbing your toilet.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

3. Or a pack of seasonal toilet paper.

Limited edition!

4. This complete kit of Santa dressings for your bathroom.

Because everyone wants to sit on Santa’s face?

5. Some turkey stuffing flavored tortilla chips that are probably disgusting.


6. A bottle of dishwashing liquid that only comes once a year.

How very rare.

7. But you couldn’t possibly wash dishes without a Rudolph scrub brush.

If those other reindeer could only see him now.

8. Some Santa hat chair covers to show off in your dining room.

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is by…decorating your dining room chairs.

9. A super ripped Santa merman ornament.

Now that’s a Santa I’d put out for.

10. This disturbing figurine of Mr. and Mrs. Claus enjoying a bubble bath.

Shield your eyes, children!