Not Sure I’d Spend My Money On It, But You Do You — Christmas Edition (17 Weird Products)

11. A Santa Claus costume for your Christmas tree.

Pure laziness or pure brilliance?

12. This slightly horrifying elf waterbottle.

Like elf on the shelf, but in your mouth.

13. These wine bottle covers that are just a little too pointy.

Why do those hats look familiar?

14. A lump of coal that’s actually bubblegum.

You know, for when you’ve been naughty and you need to freshen your breath.

15. This pooping reindeer because even sleigh-flyers need a pit stop.

16. A reindeer g-string for your man candy.

Rudolph has seen it all.

17. And finally, these Christmas wreath pasties that will definitely put you in the holiday spirit.

Personally, I think I’d prefer a mistletoe.

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