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People Are Sharing Inventions That Are So Good They “Actually Can’t Be Improved” (15 Posts)

Some things are just made so well that they can’t ever be improved upon, right? I mean, think about it. Have forks really gotten any better than when people first started using them?

On Reddit, folks are having a debate about which inventions are so good that they don’t need any improvement, and I’m honestly learning a lot.

Did you know that the last paper clip patent was in the late 1800s? That kind of blew my mind. Or that once upon a time, pockets didn’t exist? That we’ve only had them sewn into our clothing beginning in the 17th century? What do you think? What invention is so great that it never needs to get better?


“P-trap — a simple elegant way to prevent odor from coming into your house via sink, toilet, etc.” — BioSciGuy


“A mirror is as good as it gets for its usage.” — epanek


“I’ve heard the Pin setter machine in bowling Alleys has never had a redesign. It was perfect already.” — Garuda475


“The XLR cable. Until they can beam something directly into your head, we kind of hit a dead end for perceived sound. The simplicity of what a cable can do by allowing both AC and DC power to flow through so you can power and draw signal from a microphone. Plus the fact it’s so simple to remove the noise you get from outside interference makes it even more genius.” — CrazyShepard


“Those bones they use for tanning leather. people have tried using all sorts of different materials but bone always works best apparently.” — aravelrevyn


“Paper clip. Last major patent was in the 1880s.” — SaltyChickenDip


“Cast iron skillet est. 1707.” — doctor_krieger_md


“Pizza. You can change it up, you can ruin it, and you can fold it half like a crazy calzone munching madman, but you can’t beat perfection.” — TheGardenBlinked


“The pocket.” — riphitter


“Rubber bands. They work.” — drakethatsme