what is the smallest hill you're willing to die on?

“Leggings Are Not Pants”—People Share The Smallest Hill They’d Be Willing To Die On (45 Tweets)

We all have that tiny hill we would die on. During coronavirus lockdown and social distancing, that tiny hills can become a mountain because we all have nothing but time to waste and thoughts to churn. Which is probably why when astrophysicist Anna Hughes and author Chuck Wendig asked the same question almost one month apart—”What is the smallest hill you are willing to die on?”—people jumped to respond by the dozens.

Everyone is bored and everyone has strong opinions. And it seems as though many of them are willing to die on the same tiny hill. Or on opposing tiny hills.

Like the “this is the proper way to hang toilet paper hills” or the “correct pronunciation of GIF hills” (it’s a hard g). The number of folks who have thoughts about the oxford comma, the correct number of spaces after a period (one), and how to consume various types of foods is actually impressive. Scroll down to see the pettiest, smallest hills people are willing to die on—you may find yourself in good company.











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