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People Are Making Memes About How Outdoor Social Distancing Has Gone Out The Window

This past weekend, Spring arrived. It’s been hard for Americans on lockdown to stay inside these past six or seven or eight weeks (what is time?), but at least the crappy weather made it a more bearable prospect. Very unfortunately, a beautiful day was all it took to destroy many New Yorker’s resolves. Pictures of people sitting in groups, appearing to ignore the rules of social distancing so they could catch come ray soon went viral:

Folks who were still obeying the rules were incredibly pissed off. Just because it’s warm and sunny doesn’t mean COVID-19 is gone! Hospital workers are still busting their asses to keep everyone alive. Over 70,000 people have died. Why aren’t folks taking it seriously?

Some people started tweeting joke pictures of how things should actually be looking, using classic paintings:

A few defended the folks outside, saying some of these pictures were taken with compression lenses that make everyone appear much closer than they really are. But even so, they’re pretty close in those parks, c’mon!

A lot more people started parodying the outraged tweets and real pictures with paintings and film screenshots and illustrations lifted from everywhere pop culture references like Where’s Waldo and Midsommar. It’s hard to tell if the people making these parodies are on the side of social distancing or not. They might be mocking the folks who are fed up with everyone sunbathing in a haze of virus droplets. But they still manage to be funny:







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