Scientists Can’t Explain Why Out-Of-Context Science Textbook Diagrams Are So Funny (26 Pics)

It must be hard for science textbook writers to come up with fun, informative diagrams that appeal to kids in school. I mean meme culture is changing by the day and anything from a year or two ago is going to seem outdated and boring. Still, some textbook authors seem to have stumbled on the weird kind of infographics that look like hilarious sh*tposts. At least that’s the central premise of the Twitter account Science Diagrams That Look Like Sh*tposts

Here are some of the funniest science diagrams that look like sh*tposts:

1. He’s gaining on you!

2. A pigeon that can pick your pocket, we’re doomed

3. “Ok sharks, hear me out…”

4. This MF said “Bok!”

5. DO NOT snort goldfish

6. A man can dream…

7. Grandma wildin’

8. So many questions science can’t answer

9. 2021 will bring us hyenas with laser eyes

10. Always wondered what that would look like