Treasure Hunter Finds $46,000 In Home That Was About To Be Sold

A Massachusetts woman has wads of cash now, thanks to a call to a treasure hunter.

Keith Wille is a “metal detectorist” and “treasure hunter” who runs the YouTube channel RediscoverLost.

A woman recently contacted Willie to help uncover a family legend.

Her aunt and uncle’s old home was supposed to have thousands of dollars hidden and left behind. Of course, the family tried to find the money, but their relatives were too smart with their hiding spot.

So, Willie entered the picture, bringing his metal detector, endoscopic camera, iPhone and some mega expertise. He narrowed down his search by focusing on the areas the family did not previously search.

Within 50 minutes of treasure hunting, Willie found an old metal box.

The box was found in an attic corner and Willie was able to locate it by noticing the keyhole.

The box was filled with Depression-era cash, as well as some uncirculated silver certificates, meaning the money is not worth what it is at face value. Being a collector’s item, some of the money in the box is worth more.

The money on top of the box had all the same serial numbers as well and is in perfect condition. The money toward the bottom of the box was printed in the 1950s.

Willie was able to locate the money right before the house sold, putting to rest a decades-long family myth.

Since he posted his video to YouTube on April 21, 2021, it has received nearly 100,000 views, with people incredibly impressed.

After this mega find, we think Willies is going to be getting quite a few calls from other families looking for long-lost treasure in their homes.