Millennial Goes Viral For Sharing How She Plans To Retire With $6 Million

Tori Dunlap (aka @herfirst100k on TikTok) had a video go viral last week.

@herfirst100k / TikTok

In it, she details how she plans to retire with $6 million.

The basic plan is: invest in the stock market and wait.

The video has over 4 million views, presumably because it seems like good info to know. How to earn $6 million? Sure, I’d watch that!

Dunlap is the founder of Her First 100K, which touts itself as financial education for millennials.

Her TikToks follow that brand and include financial tips for her subscribers to understand how to manage money.

BuzzFeed spoke with Dunlap about her viral video.

@herfirst100k / TikTok

She told them:

“When I first started on TikTok, it was tempting for me to think that this young audience wouldn’t be interested in personal finance advice,” Tori said. “But I know now that they are going to be the most financially educated generation we’ve ever had — and I think my success on TikTok proves that they’re looking for financial information from someone relatable and who they can trust.”

Dunlap has a degree in theater and organizational communications and started Her First 100K as a “day job” that has now gone full time for her.

She credits her parents with her financial education.

“For women, we’re dealing with not only the wage gap, but the investing gap. Compared to men, we’re waiting longer to invest or not investing at all,” Tori explained. “The number one reason women don’t get started is fear, and my account and work is all about giving them actionable advice and guidance so they feel less alone and scared. I joke that investing is no more complicated than climbing stairs — but the first step is five feet high.”

@herfirst100k / TikTok

The best way to get started, Dunlap told BuzzFeed, is “through a tax-advantaged retirement account, like a 401k or IRA.”

“Open an account, put money in, and then choose your investments. I’m also in the midst of building an educational platform and community around investing for women, so stay tuned for that!”

She also offered some general advice, acknowledging first that everyone’s situation is different.

“First, understand where your money is currently going and if that aligns with your values. Write down every purchase, how it made you feel, and then review at the end of the month. I call this money journaling. Next, build an emergency fund, which should be enough to cover 3-6 months of your expenses. I recommend keeping this in a high-yield savings account. Finally, start investing! It doesn’t have to be much, even $20 a month is a good start. The key is starting ASAP so that compound interest can work for you.”

“My free money quiz is a great place to start. We figure out your money personality and goals, and give you personalized resources to go out and crush them.”