“Why Do You Know That?”—30 Interesting Facts

These weird facts came from the internet, so take them with a grain of salt.

Trivia games can be really fun, but the questions usually revolve around pop culture and history facts, basic dates, and names that anyone might learn. What we really want are the facts so bizarre, suggestive, and sinister that you probably wouldn’t want to explain why you know them. And now those freaky facts are all compiled in this thread started by Redditor u/IamDK003 on r/AskReddit.

“What is most ‘why the f—k do you know that’ fact?” he asked.

I really have to hand it to people, I did not know most of these facts and I’m currently wondering if one or two of them might save my life someday. There are also a couple that genuinely made me laugh out loud because they’re so odd. The only downside is that I can’t share them in conversation without that person thinking I’m an absolute weirdo. Thank goodness for the internet, where everyone is a giant weirdo who knows too much about murder.


Our local landfill will take your loved ones body and dispose of it for $35. —whatthehellshell2


If you have a shrimp allergy you also can’t eat cicadas. —mctoasterson


Probably the most innocent fact here but: Chickens (hens) have an egg song when they lay an egg. It’s like them yelling “I JUST LAID AN EGG! WOOOO!” And then the other hens chime in yelling “YAAAS SHE JUST LAID AN EGG! WOOO!” —squidlygreen


An orgasm can stop hiccups. —IronSpiderHulkMan


Saddam Hussein wrote a romance novel. —DGatsby


Male hedgehogs masturbate for pleasure and you have to be careful picking them up because sometimes they have semen on their feet. It’s something you have to look out for when you’re a hedgehog owner like myself. —WhyY_196


Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was a really popular novel, and was made into a stage play. The actor playing the eponymous role(s) was so good at switching from the good doctor to the evil Hyde that people wrote to the police claiming that he absolutely had to be the real Jack the Ripper (who was thought likely to be a qualified doctor based on the way he dissected his victims). They thought no normal person would be able to make such a transformation. —jelilikins


Urine is historically one of the biggest exports that Newcastle, UK ever had. It was used for a variety of purposes especially for making ammonia to make paint. —Dr-Figgleton


You can substitute blood for eggs in any recipe! 65g of blood can be used in place of one regular egg. —You_Are_Secretariat


You can neutralize the smell of a rotting corpse by covering it with the ashes of a common camp fire! any wood ash should work, friends. —AsphaltSommersaults