Bride Sparks Debate After Asking If It Was Rude To Feed MIL A Fast Food Sub At Her Wedding

You can’t choose your family, or so they say, but when you choose to get married you’re getting a whole second family to have issues with. If you’re lucky, you’ll love them as much as your spouse and if you’re unlucky, you’re signing up for a lot of uncomfortable holidays in the future.

Redditor u/No-Permit-3219 may have ruined all her upcoming Arbor Days by treating her mom-in-law like a second-class guest at the wedding that her husband’s parents paid for.

“AITA for giving my MIL a Jersey Mike’s sub?” she asked r/AmItheA–hole, the subreddit people go to to find out if they’re a–holes or not. Everyone definitely thinks this bride is and here’s why.

First, she says her family is being “torn apart” by her decision to feed her MIL something off the menu, and she describes her FIL as “horrible” because he expects respect for his wife. It’s a bad tone to start off with:

We got married recently, and I wanted to serve my favorite foods at the wedding, lemon chicken and lemon cake. I was aware that not all guests would like that, but I felt that it was my day, and the less food options we had, the cheaper it was. For the average guest, I figured they could just live with it, but I didn’t want my MIL to starve and she HATEs lemon, can’t even put it in her mouth without gagging.

I was trying to think of something she would eat that was cheap and easy. I know the buffalo chicken cheesesteak at Jersey Mike’s is her fave fast food meal, and I had a box of M&M’s for her. She did give me a weird look, but she ate it. Also I had it delivered, so it wasn’t just sitting there and getting soggy. FIL was furious. He said that I am selfish and disrespected him and his wife. He went on a rant about how tacky it was to have a wedding and not take the family into consideration, and that I wasted his money. MIL did tell him to stop yelling, but he called me a bitch on my wedding day.

Now the FIL is demanding an apology but her husband and bridesmaids don’t think she did anything wrong and she was “gracious to even get her something.”

Yikes. Gracious to feed your family at your wedding? That and an open bar is pretty much all anybody expects at a wedding and it’s totally bizarre to flavor everything with something that your mother-in-law hates and then feed her fast food while everyone watches.

On Reddit, the OP was labeled an a–hole, but on Twitter the story had a more divisive response.

I think some people don’t want anyone to tell them what they can or can’t do on their own wedding days so they’re trying the best they can to justify being rude to a MIL.

The OP did comment further on the post, saying they never discussed the menu with her MIL until the day of, because she didn’t want her to “whine” about the lemon, so I don’t think she gets why this is so rude. Because she is just a rude person!

But she did eventually text her MIL an apology.

Something tells me this isn’t going to be the last time this family takes lemons and doesn’t do anything very good with them.