Grocery Store Worker’s Thread About Crazy Customers Being Even Crazier During Holidays Goes Viral (22 Tweets)

With COVID-19 spiking all over the country, there is a lot of debate about whether or not it’s “safe” to travel for the holidays.

The short answer is “absolutely not,” but because there isn’t a whole lot of consistent guidance from the government about what to do it seems likely many people will. It’s been nine months since we started having lockdowns nationwide and there are still people debating whether or not they should have to wear masks: just try convincing them not to eat dry bird meat with their annoying cousins.

In lieu of actual regulations on travel, individuals have taken it upon themselves to try and get people to stay home with statistics, maps, and graphs of COVID-19 spikes right after Canadian Thanksgiving, which was around mid-October:

A guy named Dylan Morrison on Twitter is trying to convince people to stay home with the premise that the holidays make people absolutely lose their sh*t and it’s the most dangerous time to be around them.

He used to have to cater to them because he worked in a grocery store that dealt with people’s holiday meal orders.


Honestly, it kinda just seems like he wanted to share stories about what it’s like to work in a grocery store during the holidays.

But that’s okay, because they are very good stories! Like this one about a lady screaming that her food wasn’t hot when she took it out of the refrigerator:

Or a guy who microwaved cooked prime rib:

And here’s the full thread. for your enjoyment..

Morrison’s life lesson at the end is that we should all just take a breath and avoid the craziness of the holiday season with coronavirus sprinkled on top. But I think the lesson is that everyone should be way nicer to service workers.

More customer service horror stories: