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Food Service Workers Tweet Out Stories About Dumb Customers Asking For Dumb Things (36 Tweets)

Kens and Karens are only now getting their time in the spotlight, but as someone who used to work in the service industry for a long time (and a long time ago) I can say that they’ve ALWAYS been around.

Stupid customers asking for stupid things and throwing a tantrum when they don’t get what they want. There just haven’t been cameras recording them and screenshots of texts to shame them with. Which is unfortunate.

GrubHub delivery driver and Twitter user @decentbirthday recently shared a text exchange between a customer who texted them, “Can you ask for no cheese on my cheeseburger.”

No please or anything!

When @decentbirthday replies “Yeah and apparently the hamburger is a dollar cheaper if you just want that,” doing the customer a favor by offering to save them a dollar, they reply, “I do not want a hamburger. I want a cheeseburger with no cheese,” and then: “If I wanted a hamburger, I’d order a hamburger.”

When @decentbirthday just replies back, “Okay,” the customer rudely tells them “There goes your tip.”

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“Just delivered Grubhub to this customer, and now I see why Coronavirus is kicking our a**,” @decentbirthday captioned the screenshot.

This tweet went viral and people began sharing their own experience working in the food industry and service, specifically with stupid customers who modified their food orders in stupid ways. GrubHub even saw the tweet, and replied: “DM us for your well-deserved tip.”