Woman Asks If She Was Wrong For Giving Her Niece Tampons

It’s sad that not everyone gets a complete and accurate sex education. Tons of people (including a lot of the United States government) have little understanding about how female anatomy works and it has major consequences from embarrassing yourself with blood stains on your clothing to taking rights away from millions of women. How embarrassing! 

If you’re like me and got the religious version of “sex education,” you might think that tampons take your virginity or that sex with multiple partners makes your vagina looser. Neither of these things is true, but people who spread disinformation like this cause huge issues for young women learning about their bodies. 

A woman went to Reddit’s AITA page to ask if she was wrong to give her niece tampons. It turns out her evangelical sister is one of the many misinformed women who don’t actually know how their bodies work. 

Here is the Aunt’s story:

Here’s what people on Reddit had to say about it: 

And here’s a funny video about the um, consequences, of not teaching sex ed to your kids.

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