Guy Asks Internet If He’s An Asshole For Charging His GF For Eating His Food, Then She Found The Post

There’s a section of Reddit called “Am I The Asshole?” where users pose a dilemma or disagreement they’re having and ask the Reddit community whether or not they’re in the wrong.

It didn’t take long for one poster on /r/AmItheAsshole to find out that, yes, he’s the asshoredditle, when he posted a thread titled: “WIBTA if I tell my girlfriend she needs to bring her own food to my house and pay for the food she has eaten?” (WIBTA stands for “Would I be the assh*hole?”)

Though it sounds pretty stingy from the get-go, user JoyceManner started off OK by explaining that his girlfriend stays at his place a lot and eats his food and that the additional cost is beginning to concern him, especially since he makes less money than her.

“After she had spent a week at my place I told her she doesn’t have to ask me to eat my food on day 3 since she would always ask before she ate, she doesn’t eat much since she’s smaller but I didn’t take into account that a handful of granola, a bowl of yogurt, and a banana every day would stack up after awhile.”

In 2019 it’s reasonable to assume that partners split food costs, especially if they’re both working, but JoyceManner instantly undercut his argument when he described, at great length, all the things his girlfriend does for him and that she, in fact, takes him out to eat, gives him free weed, and buys him a lot of food herself.

“I feel bad for wanting her to start buying her own groceries to keep at my place since she consistently takes me out for food, buys me clothes, contributes to groceries when we cook, and keeps my weed supply full.”

It was beginning to sound like JoyceManner may have been the assh*ole, and the Reddit community was not shy in telling him so.

The phrase “clueless cheapskate” was accurately employed.

Here’s where things get truly wild. If JoyceManner is to be believed, his girlfriend quickly discovered his petty Reddit thread and immediately dumped him for being an ungrateful little snot.

In an edit to his initial post he called his decision to publicly (albeit anonymously) shame his girlfriend for being a better partner than him “one of the single most worst decisions of my life.”

Edit: wow. I think making this post was one of the single most worst decisions of my life. My gf uses reddit and by sheer coincidence found this post, thought “haha this reminds me of me and JoyceManner!”, saw my username, made the connection, and broke up with me. All within 20 minutes of making this post! She thought there was underlying issues in our relationship and me being a cheap asshole was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

Edit2: to answer some repeated questions: I made this as a throwaway account. The account name is based off a pretty popular band (Joyce Manor) I like so, I didn’t think she would realize it was me. I’m 26 and she’s 20. Her name is not Joyce. I don’t think she’ll come on here to give her side of the story.

He concluded the post by adding “Tl;dr: I am the assh*le.”

Yes. Yes you are.

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