Woman Calls Out Mom-To-Be For Requiring Expensive Gifts At Her Second Baby Shower

If you’re someone who likes baby showers: good for you. If you’re someone who doesn’t like baby showers at all, you think they’re stuffy, the food is always bad, and you dread making small talk with an almost-strangers mom: let’s be friends. A baby shower with drama though–now I’m listening. 

Someone on Reddit’s AITA page asked if she was in the wrong after deciding she wasn’t going to attend her cousin’s second baby shower after the mom-to-be had some pretty huge demands. After all, who gets two baby showers? I think I already know whose side I’m going to be on. 

Here’s how the craziness started: 

The Replies Were Pretty Unanimous: 

More Assholes Over Here:

Hannah Riley

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