Guy Asks If He Was Wrong To Catch His Female Roommate On Security Cam Having Sex In His Room

When you live with roommates, you should reasonably expect that they won’t go in your room and have sex in your bed, right?

One Redditor with a history of bad roommates disrespecting his privacy decided to install a recording app in his room to make sure that his new roommates weren’t getting up to anything.

Well, unfortunately, he discovered that one of his roommates decided to “spice up” her relationship by having sex in there. And he caught the whole thing on tape.

“I live with 3 roommates and since I’ve had bad experiences with roommates before, I installed a security camera to get an alert if someone enters my room. One day when we were all at work/school, one roommate and her bf entered my room and had sex for whatever reason. My app alerted me and started recording automatically,” the OP writes.

“When I got home I confronted her about it and she owned up to it, said they did it in a different room to ‘spice things up’ and said that it’s ‘not that big of a deal.’ She was however pretty angry at the fact that I had a security camera in my room and a video of her having sex (which I deleted obviously). She said that recording her having sex is a bigger invasion of privacy than her having sex in my room.”

What do Redditors think?

“She shouldn’t have been having sex in your room in the first place and you have every right to have a camera in YOUR room. You didn’t set out to record her having sex. It’s not an invasion of her privacy, because she’s not entitled to privacy when in your personal space,” said strikingfirefly

“I wonder how many times she did this. To know that OP was sleeping on the same sheets without knowing anything is just…ew. It’s not a bigger invasion of privacy,” noted NectarineDangerously.

“Most states/countries have laws forbidding you from keeping footage of sexual exchanges without express permission. If he didn’t have warning signs up outside his room, he could get in even more trouble,” explained Vagrant123.

“What in the world? ‘I broke into someone else’s private area without their knowledge and I’m mad that they have security’ lol. NTA,” said SecretRatto.

“I’m always so surprised that like 90% of the stories here can be solved with a $10 doorknob/key replacement. Just lock it on the way out and go about your business without any worry. Again it’s like $10 and 10 minutes of time to swap them out, but somehow it escapes the grasp of the people in this sub…” observed My_Opinion_Sux

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