People Are Sharing The Absolutely Evil Things Their Roommates Have Done (15 Stories)

If you’ve ever had a roommate, it’s likely you have at least one story that would make someone cringe.

Unfortunately, some people have actually evil roommates who constantly do things that make cohabitating a nightmare.

On Reddit, folks are sharing the things their roommates have done that are absolutely the worst.

And if you live alone right now, even if you haven’t seen anyone in months because of the pandemic, you might feel relief for a minute that you don’t have to deal with someone who ejaculates into your yoga mat


“Not washing the bathroom ever, in our 2.5 years of living together!” — peanutbutterandjamin


“Threatened to stab me with his used needle to give me hepatitis…that was quite a shitty thing to do in my opinion.” — YourQuirk


“Once I had a housemate who never returned kitchen utensils to the kitchen after using them. When I moved into that apartment we had something like 20 forks and by the time I moved out, there were no forks left in the utensil drawer and I was keeping one in my room so that he wouldn’t steal it.” — Rumezi


“In college, I had a 6:30 am required class. (Culinary arts, ordering and warehouse management if you’re wondering). My first college roommate would come back to the room around midnight most nights, flip on the lights and loudly play League of Legends.” — zombiedinosaur5


“I had a roommate that got drunk and smushed a dozen deviled eggs into my espresso machine. When I asked him why, he said he was mad that I didn’t use it all that often but left it out to take up counter space. When I asked why he didn’t just ask me to put it away, he said I was being hostile lol.” — dfBishop


“College roommate in my second year. There was a serial rapist who had targeted several college girls by entering dorms. She didn’t want to take her keys with her to her boyfriend’s room, so she left both our suite and room doors unlocked when she left. I was already asleep. Lucky for me, I slept under a drafty window and it was winter, so I was under several blankets that I kept tucked under the mattress so I wouldn’t uncover myself during the night. My screams woke the guys in the next room, so they were able to save me before the monster got me uncovered. His face was a bit swollen and bruised in his mugshot. They took that after he got out of the hospital. My roommate just couldn’t understand why I didn’t speak to her the rest of the semester and didn’t return the next year (She got stuck with a roommate worse than her, so karma). She did a lot of things, but that was the worst because we had been told repeatedly to keep our doors locked at all times and her “apology” was to say sorry, but I should know she hated taking her keys.” — RAbites


“Flew his brother out from Florida to spend two weeks in our apartment in the middle of the pandemic and didn’t tell me or the other roommate until 9pm the night before. I assumed he would at least leave his kid, whom he had partial custody of, with her mom while his brother was out, but no. The kid also stayed with us for the majority of those two weeks, giving a grand total of three adults, a teenage boy, and a baby in an apartment with one bathroom. In a pandemic.” — fork_hands_mcmike


“Against my will, he ‘borrowed’ my clean underwear for a date and returned it dirty.” — Back2Bach


“My worst roommate ever of course had to be someone I found off Craigslist (never again). Took 2-3 hour showers at times I needed to get ready for work (shared bathroom), cook and would leave leftovers just sitting on the countertop until it got extremely moldy and we would have to yell at him to clean it, would use the dryer to dry his clothes as I’m going to bed but only at this late hour (wash/dryer are right in front of my room), wouldn’t pay his portion of the electric bill and it got shut off twice in my less than 1 year stay, rotting food in the fridge was a norm, liked to keep the apartment at 65 degrees constantly and wouldn’t shut it off even if no one was home so our bill was sky high every month. F**k you Robert, you’re not celibate because girls are too dumb to understand you…it’s because you have less self-awareness than a fucking cucumber.” — lefthook_hospital


“I had a roommate who jerked off onto my yoga mat, rolled it back up, and put it back into my room. I only found out when I went to use it again. He also stole my panties for similar purposes. I found 4 or 5 pairs in his room when he moved out.” — alwaysiamdead