Woman Ends Up With A Felony After Secretly Giving Roommate Vegan Foods

Everyone seems to have an opinion on vegans and vegetarians. People who are big meat eaters think they are pathetic for not wanting to kill and eat a living thing and vegans think it’s nasty to eat a dead animal carcass or their milk. I see both sides of the equation, but a lot of people need to go take a deep breath about it.

Some people feel so strongly about their opinion, they will give people something outside of their diets on purpose. It’s a pretty fucked up thing to do and it’s literally illegal to tamper with someone’s food. 

A woman on Reddit is seeking advice after getting into a similar, messy situation with a new roommate. The woman was served breakfast that she was allergic to, ending her in the hospital. 

Here is the full story: 

The responses from AITA readers were completely mixed. Some people said everyone was the asshole here:

More Assholes Over Here: 

Hannah Riley

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