Teen Son Asks If He Was Wrong To Ask Dad’s GF To Wear A Bra

Bras can be the worst.

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It’s hard to find a good one. They’re stupidly expensive. And they’re often not comfortable even at their best.

So, it’s pretty great to come home after a long day and just take that sucker off and fling it on the floor in a jubilant display of freedom.

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Unfortunately, some people just cannot stand the thought of a woman bra-free — even in their own home.

One Redditor wants his dad’s girlfriend to start wearing a bra in the house, and she was like, no thanks!

“My dad’s girlfriend lives with us along with my siblings. It’s my dad’s house and she moved in. I (18m) have noticed that she sometimes doesn’t wear a bra around the house. It makes me uncomfortable.

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Op continues…

I asked her if she could wear a bra because it makes me uncomfortable. She responded with no because it’s her house too. I don’t think what I asked is too much too ask, AITA?”

Just stop monitoring women’s bodies, please!

“It’s not women’s responsibility to dress in a way that makes you comfortable. YTA,” said


“OP YTA. Oh little man… I suggest you wear a jockstrap 24/7 and see how you like it. Oh and those things don’t have wires, and the weight they carry isn’t comparable. The discomfort you want her to feel so you can feel comfortable with something that is entirely your problem IS too much to ask. JFC,” said


YTA. She’s a woman, we have boobs, get over it. Bras are very uncomfortable to wear, particularly long term. As long as She’s wearing a shirt I don’t think you have a right to complain. This is her home too and she has a right to feel comfortable. If YOU are uncomfortable that is 100% your problem,” explained


“YTA – if it makes you uncomfortable to look at your dad’s girlfriend’s tits when she isn’t wearing a bra, stop looking at your dad’s girlfriend’s tits. Know what’s uncomfortable? Bras. Grow the fuck up and stop worrying about what women are wearing. It’s not our responsibility to make men comfortable with our clothing choices,” said


“YTA. Imagine if she walks up to you and tells you you can’t wear any shorts or tight pants in the house because she can see a dick imprint in your pants and it makes her uncomfortable. Your first response won’t be ‘Oh, I’m making her uncomfortable, I should change’ but you’ll think ‘why the f is she looking at my crotch in the first place?’ Stop looking at her breasts. If you think you’re uncomfortable, imagine how uncomfortable this lady must feel, knowing that her boyfriend’s teenage son is staring at her breasts enough to notice she is or isn’t wearing a bra,” said


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