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Woman Asks If She Was Wrong To Call The Cops On Her Husband For Stealing Her Car

So, married couples share stuff. Sometimes they borrow small things without asking (always ask, obviously). But has your partner ever actually stolen something from you?

On Reddit, one user had the unfortunate experience of having her car stolen—by her husband.

To make matters worse, this was after the two of them had a conversation about how she would need the car to get around because of her compromised immune system. Apparently, her husband didn’t care, and he took his friends for a joyride.

Well, she called the police looking for her stolen car—and was shocked and angered to find that the thief was her spouse.

“My husband’s car doesn’t work and he needs money to get it fixed. He doesn’t have enough money. I’m in medicine school and have been getting ready for my exams for a month now. Every month he and his friends go on a road trip. His car’s been sitting in the garage for 3 months now. He asked if he could take my car to take the guys on a road trip since it was his turn to take them. I told him I need the car since I have a weak immune system and public transportation might be risky. And I can’t afford to get sick in the middle of my exams. He begged saying his friends are gonna say he ruined the trip and our discussion got nowhere.”

“The trip was last week. I had an exam the day of the trip and left at 8am. I had several things to do. I stopped by the coffee shop to use the internet. I arrived at the university at 8:30 and entered the hall getting ready for my exam. After I finished, I spent few minutes with my friends then I left. I got to the parking lot and my car wasn’t there. I started freaking out. Thinking I might’ve left the door open or something. I called my husband but he didn’t pick up. My friends immediately told me to call the Police. I ended up waiting for them to ask me about what happened. The Officer said I needed to come to the station to give my statement.”

“I stayed there for 4 hours, then I was told my car was found. My husband was driving it and was picked up an hour away from where we live. I was shocked. And mad. It never occurred to me that he was the one who took it.”

“The argument started after he said he made a copy of the key and didn’t take til he made sure I arrived for my exam. I yelled at him and told him it was not okay. He caused me to stress out and worry about the car. He told me calling the police was drastic and shouldn’t have gotten them involved but I had no idea he took the car. He said he wanted to text me but forgot. Said the trip was ruined and he was embarrassed by being picked up by the police while he was with friends.”

Is this one of those instances where the OP should just throw the whole man out? Because he just stole her car and caused her an incredible amount of stress and worry.

“NTA and DUMP HIM. He stole your car, let you worry, and can afford to go on a trip with his friends but not to fix his own car ? You deserve better, hun. Go get it,” advised FullMetalTata.

“And he copied her key?! That’s a huge red flag. What else have he copied,” noted Unholynuggets.

“He asked you if he could take the car. You explained why he could not and gave VERY good reasons. Your health and safety was only one of the reasons but that should have been enough. He wanted to take the car for an optional trip you needed it for exams. He heard your argument and acted as if he accepted your reasoning, the went behind your back and literally STOLE your car. This shows a serious level of disregard for your feelings and needs. It shows that his recreational activities with friends are more important to him than your health and education. That’s HUGE and you are right to be angry. Now he is trying to make the conversation about why you were ‘wrong’ in how you reacted (by calling the police which is THE standard response to a car that disappears). He is doing this so the argument is no longer about what he did. This is a classic manipulation tactic that emotional abusers use to avoid accountability and to confuse their victims into feeling responsible for the abuser’s bad act,” said LeeLooPeePoo.

“My fiancé and I regularly use each other’s cars if ours is in the shop or something. We always clear it with each other first, because you never know when the other person will have an appointment to go or something. And any logical person would think their car was stolen if they walked out into a parking lot and it was missing! It is just such a low, low bar of communication and respect that he does not deserve to be in a relationship if he can’t do something so basic,” said Katstrat.

“He copied your key, and he stole your car right out of the parking lot. How were you to know the car thief was him? Meanwhile, he left you stranded in a pandemic to party with his buddies. Calling the police was appropriate. So is leaving his selfish, irresponsible ass,” advised Momtotwocats.

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