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20 People Share Things People Buy That Are A “Huge Waste Of Money”

Like many Americans, I used to spend a lot of money on coffee. Mostly from the cute place down the street, but I wouldn’t turn up my nose at Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts if that was where my morning walk took me. I have been astonished seeing how much money I’ve saved by making my own coffee—but I still value the experience of purchasing a coffee somewhere else and having it outside my apartment.

Folks on Reddit are also talking about stuff they pay way too much money for—and coffee definitely appears quite frequently in the thread. What else is a complete waste of money? College textbooks, cigarettes, and fancy caskets to name a few. 


“Expensive caskets.” — ohyeahimember


“Extremely expensive clothes (like designer shoes, etc) for kids who will grow out of them in less than a year.” — literacyrates


“Pay-to-win games.” — somemetausername


“Donating to Keylie jenner fund to make her a billionaire. Why? Seriously.” — pikabu1


“College textbooks.” — PonzuBees


“Microtransactions in video games. People just blow hundreds of dollars on a game that could be dead in a year.” — A_Change_of_Seasons


“Paying for parking at the university you attend. Why pay $200+ for parking when it’s hard to find a good parking spot and I’m already paying thousands of dollars just to attend the school.” — TeeJayy3223


“Starbucks. I work at one and kinda feel bad when I realize that people who come in everyday for the same drink and food item are spending almost $100 a week on stuff that literally is maybe worth a 15th of what they pay for. Especially considering that baristas get all their drinks for free, I’m always saying to myself, ‘damn this tiny ass drink is $5????'” — heelysg0d420


“My pet peeve is when someone comes to my store ( I work at a sub shop) and then they order a ham and American cheese sandwich and it’s like 15$. Like ffs make that at home! Edit: I work at Penn Station, a 6 inch sandwich is about 6$, it’s the bread that’s expensive. A 6 inch sandwich literally had 2.5 ounces of whatever meat the customer wants (I can’t justify it without my discount). Another edit: It’s Penn Station East Coast Subs. It’s a chain, I don’t work at THE Penn Station that has trains and all that. I live and work in Indiana.” — cabclint5


“Diamonds.” — fkk25