20 People Share Things People Buy That Are A “Huge Waste Of Money”


“Cigarettes. No explanation needed.” — keanureevestookmydog


“Cable. You’re basically paying for commercials. I haven’t had cable in almost 10 years. My mom pays for Netflix and I pay for Disney+ and we share both.” — MunchaBunchaFritos


“Penis enlargement pills. Bro if you got a tiny dick, you got a tiny dick. Don’t be ashamed.” — i__have__ebola


“Buying the latest phone even though the one you already have functions perfectly.” — Lil_Cuddles


“Obligatory gift giving. I understand when it’s a child’s birthday, but do all these family functions really need this? When you’re all adults it’s basically item swapping with stress and guilt; an investment where you put someone else in charge of what you get in return. None of us really want to go out and agonize over getting the right thing, or spend the money, OR receive anything. It’s just something you do because you’re supposed to. I always tell my relatives to keep their money in their pockets.” — OfficerMeatball


“Buying a new car. If you buy a one year old car you can almost knock off a fifth of the price.” — Cannabilistichokie


“Weddings. All that money spent for everyone else’s enjoyment. I know I know, people will say, ‘best day of my life being surrounded by friends and family’ and maybe that’s true but i would rather save a ton of money, get eloped, and use a fraction of the money you’d spend on the best honeymoon of your entire life. Have a celebration party later, maybe.” — kkkilla


“Bottled water honestly.” — tinabelcher182


“Unnecessary military spending.” — AmaBans


“Firecrackers. Your money literally goes up in smoke.” — Spkpkcap

What do you think is a huge waste of money?

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