“Should Have Done That Differently” Moments—People Age 60+ Share Their Regrets


I should have made better marriage choices. Dont marry too young, or if you do, just be really really sure that you have the same values and same goals. If one of you doesn’t want kids, for instance, that should be a deal breaker. If one doesn’t like sex or intimacy, HUGE DEAL BREAKER. If he/she is a jerk to your friends and family, get out of that relationship. If he/she is never wrong or will never admit it, get out. And stay out of credit card debt.—u/shayrul


I asked my 74 year old grandma and she said she should’ve had her husband wear a condom.—u/arami323


I’m not 60 but my Dad will turn 71 in September. Back in 2008 when I graduated, my Dad says, “Son, it’s never to early to invest your money.” I didn’t back in 2008 because well, the market crashed. I regret that a lot. The Dow Jones has tripled in value since 2009.

The same can be said about the Covid-19 pandemic. In 10 years time the market will triple its value back in March. Take advantage of that.—u/F7uNothing


Choose your life partner wisely. Or don’t choose one at all.

Travel provides a better education than anything you can learn at school.

Life is short . Pack as much into it as you can. Going the prescribed path isn’t worth the stress of living an “unexamined life”.—u/owerfemma


I wish I had been kinder to my husband. We bickered about small things that really weren’t important. I wish I could tell him how sorry I am.—u/Carolenej


I wish I’d gone to the Emergency Room that day in 1991 when I had terrible stomach pain. I was a single working mom and didn’t have health insurance, and I was afraid of the bill. I’ve suffered and nearly died a few times because of that bad choice. Worse, my children suffered and still do because of it.—u/Lalllo7

EDIT: I had an infected gallbladder that ruptured (I felt SO much better for about 20 minutes!) Then I got peritonitis. I had to have it removed, of course and then have my abdominal cavity irrigated. I was in the hospital in ICU on all the antibiotics about for 5-6 weeks. I had a few surgeries. There was a lot of damage and now I get excruciating near-fatal (mesenteric artery) ischemic gut bleeds every year or so. I just got out of the hospital from one I had in June. If I’d gone when it first hurt and not stressed about the hospital bill… Take care of your health, please!


I’m friggin 60.dang amit. Let me tell you.yup I would have made a better attempt at being patient with my goals. I was all over the place with jobs. Actor,carpenter,cabinetmaker,musician,teacher I still use my skills but I wish I stuck out my carpenter apprenticeship when I was younger…I enjoyed the variety..probably a bit ADD…however if I got more experience and learned more when I was younger I would have done better. I did score a career in the telephone biz for 22 years or so…good to have benefits and a pension—u/gretschslide1


Honestly I am now glad that I lived life fast and hard, I’m paying for it health wise but I had fun and I did more good than harm. The future doesn’t look bright at this moment—u/johnnyrip


My 74-year old mom answered:

“When I was in grad school, a teaching position in photography opened up and I didn’t take it. I thought gee I wonder what would have happened? I don’t know what it is. I had opportunities here. I just didn’t take that one. Out of all of the opportunities that was one that was staying in my area and that one seemed far away. I should have looked at the opportunity differently and researched it out.”—u/standswithpencil


I should have tried harder to keep my house. I lost it to foreclosure. I shouldn’t have married my 3rd husband. My advice? Don’t marry a loser and work harder.—u/oldncrazy