17 People Share Their Worst “Slap In The Face Moment” They’ve Had With Someone

Being betrayed by someone you trust is one of the worst things in life. Feeling like they would never let you down and then be blindsided by their disloyalty is super painful. Whether it’s a friend lying to you, a partner cheating, or Starbucks giving you dairy when you said ‘oat milk’ five times, it’s hard to mend a broken relationship.

People on Reddit are sharing the worst ‘slap in the face moments’ they’ve ever had and they’re all definitely a doozy. 


Day of the wedding. After months of planning with the bride, we were all done up and ready to step into the limo. I was the maid of honor. Just as we exit the house she turns to me and says “Oh yeah, so, Melissa is now the maid of honor. She always thought she was and I never had the heart to tell her you were”. I just stood there not knowing wtf to say next. This was then followed by “And you should probably catch a ride with your boyfriend, there won’t be room in the limo.”


My pop died. My auntie stole $500 of the money he left my nan, then told her 7-year-old son to blame me for it. Nan noticed the cash missing, confronted aunties son, He said he saw me stealing it, shit hit the fan. I was 12, it caused our family to move to another state. I was a perfect kid too- courteous, never stole anything, polite, etc. My parents believed me as the auntie was a known liar, they trusted me and I had no use for that kind of cash in a small country town at 12 years old. never got an apology from her, nan never told me that she knew I didn’t do it. Nan and I were very close at the time so it hurt even more. Aunty’s husband was a drug dealer at the time.

When I was 9 or 10, the same aunties kid stole 4 of my Gameboy games. My sister was over at their house and noticed the missing games in his room. She tells mum, mum confronts her about it. Says she bought them from the shop for him.

The games had my save files on them. Never got them back.

I fucking despise that woman.



Another person’s story: contracted a staph infection from clean-up of Katrina. Staph was quite aggressive but seemed under control. Subsequently became surprise pregnant, and the baby was very much desired because of a sliver of joy post-Katrina. Staph infection encroached into her reproductive system, anti-biotic resistance, reached the baby. Horrible early birth (30 weeks I think), ended in the baby dying from infection. The woman’s mother-in-law showed up at the hospital, stated in earshot “I don’t want to see that bitch that killed my grandson.” 



I’ve been trying to cut off my verbally abusive family, more specifically my physically abusive father. They had been harassing me for a while, and finally, I called my grandmother (dad’s mom, who babies her son to the fullest extent possible) to explain that she wouldn’t be hearing from me for a while because I don’t want my son to experience the abuse I did.

She told me that my son would grow up to be just as screwed up in the head as I am. 



This is just the first one that popped into my head and there are tons but I did some computer work for some friends who knew my fee and what was owed when they picked up their tower and laptop that I had just put 10+ hours of labor into. So of course he conveniently didn’t have any cash. (I’m super cheap compared to anywhere around here and a 12+ year tech. who knows his shit so they were getting a crazy good deal.)

So I say well hit me up on payday or whatever and he takes the computers home, then calls back a couple of hours later being a huge dick and saying that both computers don’t work at all and that I ‘didn’t even do anything to them.’ Now before people take their shit I ALWAYS turn it on, go online, etc. so they KNOW it’s fixed. I say ‘k bring them back and I’ll take a look at them and fix whatever is wrong’. He has the balls to basically say ‘why so you can fuck them up some more and that ‘he’ll think about it and get back to me.’

The next day he and his wife are posting on Facebook on their computers after being totally offline for months before this. I waited a month or so then sent a short fuck you message then un-friended/blocked and I’ve never heard from them since.



I’ve been in a relationship with a man in the Airforce for over 2 years (we got together before he left to be stationed in Germany). We talked on the phone and Skype all we could and instead of nights out with the girls I was at home talking to him almost every day. Around October, the last thing he says to me is how he loves me and can’t wait to talk to me again… then a month passes by with no contact. I am freaked out and stressed that he has been hurt or something terrible has happened to him and about mid-November he gets on Facebook and changes his relationship status to ‘in a relationship’ with another girl. The moment I saw that was probably one of the biggest slaps to the face I’ve ever received. A month after that he apologized to me and said that he just wasn’t able to face me with what he had done. I told him to go fuck himself. He didn’t have the decency to break it off and be honest, I don’t have the decency to give him the time of day. I wasted enough time on him.

Yeah, I have always heard about military men who are away worrying about their woman leaving them for someone else… little did I know I should have worried about him. I know long-distance relationships are rough and rarely last, but have the decency to be straight-up with someone when you don’t want to be with them anymore.



My fiancé broke up with me last night. Via text. She said the reason was that she only loved me “a little”. This is after I tell her about my upcoming root canal and being forced to leave university due to a severe lack of funds. I think the slap in the face moment was the part where she said she only loved me a little. I’m not even quite sure what that’s supposed to mean, but it hurt.



My wife of 8 yrs told me she was leaving me because she loves me too much. What does that mean? For the past 8 yrs, we have been working toward getting her to her dream from a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) to a DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) She is a couple of years away. Once she was done I was supposed to get my master’s and then Doctorate in IT (Information Technology). So to me, it seems as if I am left holding the bag. With the same crappy job and education level and she is a couple of years away from 6 figure salary. Now she is wondering why I hate her and why we can not be friends.



I had a project idea in my lab, but it eventually got taken up by another lab. Had a lab partner call me up and laugh at me about it.



I was in an unstable relationship with this guy for 3 years, and we lived together. We fought often amongst a ton of other drama. I knew he cheated on me but never had any real proof at this point. I found myself with an opportunity to go home from work early one night, so I did and came home to find him messing around with some girl in our bed. The real ‘slap in the face’ moment was when he forced me out of our apartment with nothing but the clothes I came home in for the whole night so he could finish his date.

– [deleted]


I suggested to my brother that we could have ham instead of turkey for Thanksgiving. He slapped me in the face.



Went to Iraq. I was told by a mutual friend of mine and now ex-wife that there was a guy that would frequently come to my house. I asked her about it and she claimed he was there to help with stuff while I was gone. When I got back things went south and we separated. When the divorce was finalized she called and said “By the way, I was fucking that guy in your bed the entire time you were gone”



When I was 24 and my sister was 22 (she is my only sibling), she got engaged. Our parents sat her down to tell her that they wanted to pay for the wedding. Then my sister asked how they would afford that, and they said that they had a wedding fund.

My sister said, “Oh, I had no idea that you had saved up wedding funds for me and [Leelluu].”

My dad replied, “Oh, no, we only saved one for you. No one would ever marry [Leelluu].”

He wasn’t joking. I don’t know whether or not he knew I was in earshot.

And yeah, 8 years later, I’m still single.

Thanks, dad, for the self-esteem boost.



After pressuring me into doing something sexually I wasn’t comfortable with, he laid there for a moment, sighed, and then said, “that’s okay, I guess I shouldn’t have expected a geeky girl like you to be able to please a man.”



I went on a date with a girl and she was an hour late. I asked her why she was late and she told me that her friend had called her on the way over, so she decided to pull over in a parking lot across the street from our meeting point and finish the conversation. When I asked her if she was ready to get some coffee, she said, “Yeah, you’re still paying, right?”



The best slap in the face moment was when I was in high school. My best friend and I had been friends for about 10 years at the time and I was pretty much his only friend. He was/is the definition of “forever alone”, but he was a good guy so I liked being his friend. We started sneaking out in the summer of our sophomore years and drinking on the weekends with some other people. I was trying to help him make some friends with people I knew. Well, my grandmother passed away the weekend we had planned another party and I had all the booze at my house.

I told everyone I was calling it off because I had family obligations/wasn’t in the mood for a party. He calls me and says he will take care of it and buys all the stuff off me. Since he was my best friend, I trusted him. About a week later, I try to pick up my money from him. He is screening my calls and all around ignoring me and I try to figure out what is going on.

I hear through a friend of mine that not only did he drink it all, but he told everyone I should have just said fuck it to my family and came out and partied. Well, I was livid when I heard this. I went over to his house to confront him and he refused to pay me and continued to say I ‘shouldn’t have ditched them’ that night. Proceeded to break his nose and a rib and hasn’t talked to him since.



Don’t know if it’s the worst but it’s stuck with me for something pretty minor. I was at a party with two new roommates. They’re talking about how the stereo should be louder, why isn’t anyone turning up the music? So the one girl gets up to pump up the volume and the other one yells, “Yeah, turn up the frequency!” So, imagining I’m being helpful, I lean over and say, “I think you mean amplitude.” Immediately I realize I sounded douchey so I laughed and said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, that came out wrong, you probably think I’m a jerk now.” She turns to me and in a completely flat voice says, “You can’t be a jerk. For you to be a jerk I’d have to care at all about anything you think or say.” 



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