25 Sex Workers Share Times They Had A Surprise Run-In With Someone They Actually Knew


Attending a bachelor party a long time ago. The stripper came in, said hello, and went to the bathroom to fix herself up. She peeked out the door and called one of them over. Turns out, she went to high school with us, a couple of years younger. She called a friend to replace her and she left.—u/dyslexiasyoda


My mom was a stripper when I was in elementary school. A 22 yo guy came in and paid for a lap dance and my mom recognized his last name and asked if he knew Ruth (I have no earthly idea why she would ask him given what she suspected). He got weirded out and said that Ruth was his mom and MY mom said that HIS mom was her daughters 3rd grade teacher. He then begged her not to tell his mom where he was. Apparently my mom just laughed and said she didn’t want her daughters teacher knowing that she was there either.

I hated that teacher, she was such a jerk to me because we were poor and my mom always dressed slutty. I’m glad her kids weren’t as uptight as she was.—u/jillyann1


Used to be a sex worker, ended up in an appointment with my best friend’s dad. Didn’t figure it out until I was telling my friend about the very awkward guy and her face went pale. I put two and two together pretty quickly and changed the subject.—u/g0thicboicl1que

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I was not a sex worker at all but I was a fine art model for a college for a while. There were so many people that I went to highschool with that entered those classes over the 2 years I worked there.

Usually they wouldnt say anything and I wouldnt say anything and i would just get naked and pose for 3 hours lol. Sometimes we would chat after, but sometimes we would ignore eachother and pretend it didnt happen—u/moodycalico


Not a worker though funny story… one night my best mate was in town ( lived in another state, use to live here) we went out clubbing an eventually decided to go to the strippers. Pay our money and as we enter my friend notices a stripper laying on her back spread eagle for a guy.

Highly drunk he yells out “ hell yer how good is this!” The stripper hears and notices my friend, sits up and yells “ What are you doing in here?” My friend instantly went an sat in the corner proper embarrassed

Turns out it was his cousin!!—u/TeretZ_Aus


I was a stripper and a bunch of rich banker guys come in. They want me to be their dancer, and I was thrilled! I spent my shift being as lewd as the rules allowed for them and got a great tip for my trouble.

Fast-forward to the next day: We go to my boyfriend’s dad’s (bank president) house and there’s a pile of people I recognized. Presumably they saw pictures of me and recognized me at the club. Thankfully, they said nothing to BFs dad, but they’d have me be their private stripper for the night once or twice a week. I think they were trying to spite BFs dad.—u/wakingdreamland

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Last semester I ran a massage service, and I had this one client I particularly liked because he was so friendly, positive, and just smart as f*ck… I never asked my clients for their last names or too much about what they did for work, and the only thing I really knew about this guy was that he was in a STEM field. Well, fast forward to “one existential crisis and a college major change later,” and this semester I have to take chemistry. Lo and behold, that really smart client is now my professor. Neither of us is currently acknowledging it, but I can tell that we still feel that bit of connection we did when he would come see me for massages.—u/lst_and_cnfsd


At a club for my friends 21st and we got a girl to give him a lap dance. It’s 5 of us just having a good time while my buddy is getting his crotch booty slammed by this girl. Only she kept looking at me constantly. Eventually she leans forward asks what school I went to. Turns out she was a girl I knew who sat behind me in 6th and 7th grade. We both had a chuckle..—u/RandomRedditReader


I used to be a stripper and one night at work I turned around and locked eyes with my very Mormon and surprisingly very wasted aunt and uncle.—u/get2twerk


We “surprised” a friend from university that was working at a strip club to pay for her studies. She just noticed us, winked at us and did her show as usual. Zero f*cks (of any kind) were given by anyone.—u/Aibeit

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