25 Sex Workers Share Times They Had A Surprise Run-In With Someone They Actually Knew


My much-younger brother was getting married, had a bachelor party at a strip club with a dozen of so high school friends. After about an hour there, a rather ordinary looking stripper comes on stage, takes off her top and our tables of guys goes wild, standing and applauding and hollering. I have no idea what is going on. The stripper looks through the stage lights, her eyes get really big, she grabs her top and runs offstage to the back. Bouncers come running over to our table, thinking we’re starting trouble.

Nope, it turns out all of the guys in his high school class had a history class with her a few years back…. she later came out and talked with us, said she never thought she’d see someone (let alone 12) she knew (it was in the next town over).—u/MastadonBob


My wife was a stripper back in the 80s and 90s one day her gyn came in he tipped her a hundred dollars and they had a good laugh—u/Ilabdima69

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There was a girl I went to highschool with who was basically a walking stereotype. She fit so well into the archetypal ‘ditzy blonde’ mold that you might swear it was an act if you didn’t know better.

She was also f*cking mean. This girl was a power bitch and wasn’t really nice to anybody as far as I’m able to remember. People orbited her because she was hot, and had everything.

She never really bothered me because I did my best to be invisible, but the handful of interactions I ever had with her left me feeling unpleasant.

Turns out she wound up being a pretty lucrative stripper later in life. I bought a lap dance from her and while being nice is part of the job it really did feel like in those brief few minutes that she did have a genuine personality shift. She was way more laid back, you could even hear it in her voice. She even commented about how she wasn’t “a bitch like I used to be, and I have nicer tits.”

It was a genuinely fun interaction. She seemed happier in comparison to the person I remembered.—u/Theearthhasnoedges


About 10 years after I graduated college, my fraternity had a reunion during homecoming. One of my fraternity brothers was walking around with a very pretty woman in tow, introducing her to everyone as his fiance. This guy was not a ladies man in any way, in fact he was the kind of guy who had no luck at all with women despite his family’s wealth. So I thought “good for him! The kid couldn’t get a date, and now look at him!” But then I started looking closer at the woman. She kind of bore a resemblance to this stripper I remembered from a few years ago. The druggy one who used to give handjobs in the champagne room. But I dismissed it. Couldn’t be her. Later at the party, she pulled me into an empty room, looked at me pleadingly and said, “Please don’t tell him…”—u/M_Looka


Kinda, sorta along the same lines…I guess. Once a friend wanted me to go to a strip club with him located outside a small town in Alabama. A young (REALLY young) looking girl got on the stage and he told me “Look at her. Isn’t she the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen?” I said, “Yeah, but she seems like she’s too young to be working here.” “Don’t worry…she’s 18.” “How do you know?” I asked. “She’s my niece.”

I felt uncomfortable after that.

OP here. And Wow! Just WOW! I was not expecting my post to get as much attention as it did. As a matter of fact, I thought it was such a throw-away comment that it didn’t occur to me to even follow-up on it.

But to address all the comments (and messages) I’ve gotten because of it: It happened in a small club way out in the county outside a town named Harvest, Ala. I don’t know why its so important to folks to know that unless they are expecting to go there and see the girl for themselves (fat chance of that happening…it was about 10 years ago, so I seriously doubt she would still be there).

Another thing, so many are casting doubt about his character or the nature of his relationship with the girl. Trust me, his tone wa that of a proud uncle, not a dirty lusty one. You would have to know the area – meth and opioids have decimated rural Alabama to the point that it’s refreshing to find a hound person that is healthy and making an honest living. Besides that, I had known him for years. You will not find a more religious, God-fearing person.—u/jgb75

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