Hot Guys Are Sharing How They Know When Women Are Checking Them Out (15 Stories)

11. People Get Shy

“Girls will notice an attractive man coming their way and deliberately look away. It’s a weird thing, they’re just trying to play it cool. Trouble is you will not be able to tell the difference between looking away from attractive person you can’t have and looking away from creepy dude you don’t want getting the wrong idea. It’s a pointless habit but it persists.” — wasporchidlouixse

12. Self-Confidence Is Attractive

“As someone who’s always been told they’re very handsome – I never really believed it so I didn’t think women were checking me out. But recently I lost some weight from better eating choices and have kind have just come into my own as an adult, and now I notice women looking at me all the time. I think it has a lot to do with the way you carry yourself and the energy you put off. Obviously being good looking helps but I think once I became confident, I noticed that women would look at me.” — iPuffOnCrabs

13. You Can Feel Uncomfortable

“I’d say growing up I noticed a lot of attention and it made me really uncomfortable. Like, I didn’t know how to handle it. I think I learned to down play a lot because I didn’t want to come across ‘too much’ if that makes sense. Now especially with COVID and isolation I feel super awkward.” — iliad24

“I had blonde shoulder length hair I would wear in a bun a lot. The amount of times in bars or football games girls would grab/touch/pull my hair without permission was absolutely bewildering. Not once did it make me want to interact with the girl any further, no matter how attractive she was. There’s a lot to be said for consent being taught both ways.” — thatbharris

15. Inappropriate “Compliments”

“My youngest stepson is 20 and a really handsome young man if all the attention he receives is to be believed. Luckily he is a really laid back chill even headed young man, faithful to a fault to his girlfriend. Told my wife she’s lucky because he could have been a real man whore if he wanted to be. But as I’ve raised him since he was nine I’ve had the opportunity to witness the attention he has received, often to my amusement, that sometimes he just never notices. When he was 16 we went grocery shopping and as we went out to the SUV with the cart, an older woman stopped me as he was ahead of me. She asked me if that was my son. I said yes he was. She said that sure is a good looking young man. Didn’t know exactly what to say. Thanks? Like I had anything to do with it. But then I thought what if I, as a man, had done that to a woman about her 16 year old daughter.” — hosmtony

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