Hot Guys Are Sharing How They Know When Women Are Checking Them Out (15 Stories)

If you’re a good-looking guy, you probably are somewhat aware of that fact. But how? Do you handsome specimens have an innate knowledge? Or do you notice people checking you out?

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(Hopefully you aren’t harassed on the street because that is unacceptable in every case.)

The knowingly attractive men of Reddit are sharing what happens as they go about their day being…well…knowingly attractive.

And also providing some life lessons about how to be gracious—because good looks can fade, but being a nice person will leave a longer impression.

1. You Need To Be Ugly First

“You have to have been on both teams to truly notice.

Ugly: people who walk past you wouldn’t even turn their head

Attractive: you notice eye shifts as people walk past you, employees maintaining eye contact a bit longer, etc.” — millscuzimhot

2. People Get Sad When You Cut Your Hair

“I got a coworker that is attractive who had long curly hair. Over the weekend he got married and cut his hair. As we were walking around no less than four girls stopped him and said ‘OMG! Why did you cut your hair!?’ They then made that awwwwww sound when he told them it was for his wedding. Because of COVID they’ve never even seen his chin!” — tohones82

3. Stay Cool

“Not speaking for myself, but I used to work with a guy back in the mid 90’s who looked a bit like Jean Claude VanDamme and had a decent build. I had never seen anything like it before, but the girls at our workplace would go out of their way to come in contact with him. They would stare him down and more or less, let him know they were ‘interested.’ Married women too. It was kind of funny because you think of guys being overly aggressive around attractive women, but this case was literally the opposite way. I’ve never seen women behave quite like that, not as aggressive as men, but the ‘signal sending’ was something to behold. To his credit, he was a pretty cool guy who never let it affect his behavior. I know he ‘got to know’ a few of the girls, but he was never arrogant about anything. It was just funny because I had never seen where so many women either flirted very openly or , more or less, threw themselves at someone.” — UsedBeing

4. Women Walk Into Objects When You’re Around

“Very rarely. I’m not knock it out of the park handsome, but I definitely became far more attractive in my mid-20s after exercising and learning to shape a beard/take care of my long hair. I notice occasionally. I had one woman stare at me so intensely she walked into a pole, which was hilarious and inflated my ego ridiculously for about 5 minutes. Mostly gay men are the ones who approach me or I find staring at me, but occasionally women. It’s hard to tell with women if they’re looking at you because they think you’re attractive or they’re just nervous because you’re a man. I never assume anyone is looking at me because I’m attractive unless they walk into a pole.” — AnbuDaddy6969

5. Don’t Be A Slob

“When I first started intermittent fast a few years ago I drop almost 30 pounds. 190->160. This made my face less round and I think I just looked better overall. And notice women making eye contact with me more. When I was a slob I was basically invisible to women. I recall very few instances of them looking at me.” — SCRipmo

6. “Pretty Privilege”

“What I’ve noticed about being decent looking isn’t sexual interest from others, it’s that I have an easier time with a lot of things in life that I’ve learned to not take for granted. I have an easier time being trusted by an audience when I’m presenting at work. I can make jokes work that don’t work for others. People are more readily willing to give me the benefit of the doubt and help me out or accept my help. I’m lucky and I know it. When I was younger I used to think it was all because I earned it and I was good enough to get those responses. I was a cocky little shit. I now accept that there are a lot of people better than me at the things I do and I just get better results because of how I look. It’s driven me to work a little harder and be a little more humble.” — PocketGuidetoACDs

7. Prolonged Eye Contact

“The biggest thing I notice is lingering eye contact from girls. The best way to describe it is its long enough for you to notice that they are looking and for you to return the eye contact and them to hold your gaze for like half a second before continuing on (if in a setting where you’re just passing by people). If you’re in a setting where you’re not just passing by (gym, store, restaurant, bar, etc) you’ll notice repeated stares.

Every few months or so I pick up on a full-on eye f*ck where I will catch a girl staring and she will just stare back for a full 4-5 seconds (those usually always leave you feeling like a million bucks and it’s super hard not to just blush and smile).” — Greedy_Lavishness935

8. People Behave Differently Around You

“I’ve been told I’m attractive a good number of times in bars and social events. But it’s not like women stop and turn to watch me go by. I think it’s just differences in the ways women and men generally behave.” — Lumber-Jacked

9. Stay Humble

“I pretend not to notice. Or wave off compliments. I take pride in my appearance and love the confidence it gives me, but there are pretty people everywhere and everyone has beauty in their own way.” — norman4321

10. Free Donuts

“Yeah, people are just nicer tbh, i was crazy ugly and as teenager, but senior year of hs and college i became a head turner, would get free donuts from the donut shop girl, women would touch my arms more which was so weird at first. It’s interesting to see people look at you, look away, and look back. I thought this was all normal, but a combination of wearing a mask/glasses has given me a new perspective.” — Balzzdeep42069

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