People Are Sharing The Fashion Trends They Wish Would Die (20 Trends)

Fashion is curious. It’s always changing, yet always recalling trends from the past. It is a vacuum, it is omnipresent, it is Lady Gaga, Naomi Campbell, and Billy Porter. Fashion lives in all of us. It is the moment.

And as we learned through IKEA bags in 2017, fashion can be anything.

But do we want it to be anything?

To many Redditors, no.

Recently, a Redditor asked, “What is a fashion trend you hate?”

And the forum went wild. Below are 20 of the best responses.

1. Short jackets

Women’s jackets that stop just above the bottom rib. When I’m wearing a jacket, I’m wearing it because I’m COLD, not as a fashion statement!


2. Wide shirts

2x or 3x that is only wide, not long.

Big and TALL f**kers! You forget the tall part.


3. Dumb slogans

Clothes that are cute until you look up close and the back says something stupid like “but first, coffee”


4. Short long sleeves

Long sleeves on women’s clothing that are too short. Most long sleeves end well before my wrist and a few inches past my elbow. I’m not exactly Queen of the Long-Armed Amazons! I end up pushing the sleeves up on everything because I look like a kid after a growth spurt whose clothes no longer fit properly. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE WITH IMPOSSIBLY SHORT ARMS?


5. Stain magnets

Making employees wear clothes that are easily stained.


6. Sheer lunacy

As a woman, sheer shirts and dresses. I don’t want to have to wear a cami under every damn shirt!


7. Fake pockets

Fake f**king pockets? To hell with them I say


8. Cheap crap

Most women’s clothing products are thin and aren’t quality, if I’m paying for a $40 shirt I’d expect it to not be see through or shred up in the wash.


9. Pinched crotches

Ahhhh i hate pants with a small crotch. It always ends up smashing my balls. Who thought that was a good idea.


10. Wearing billboards

Large logos. Ralph Lauren is the worst. I’ll see a shirt I like with an oversized polo man. It ruins the shirt.


11. Hometown pride



12. Missing pieces

For me it’s when you pull it out to reveal that it has no back or it’s a crop sweatshirt or something


13. Faux fur faux pas

I’m not a fan of those wide panel sandals with the fur / fake fur over it. They look like you’re wearing slippers out in public…


14. Square shirts

SQUARE SHIRTS, THEY LOOK SO BAD ON ME!!.. I used to like to shop at this place because they had really nice material shirts for cheap, but I grew taller and now I despise the place because they only sell square shirts. I just want to find a shirt that won’t make me look like I’m wearing a box!


15. Stickers

Stickers on hats


16. Busty blues

Sick and tired of cropped clothing, so many shirts these days are made to pair with high waisted pants. As someone with a large bust, I find they just ride up and expose too much even if I have high-waisted jeans. I just want regular length shirts!!


17. “Clothes for my clothes”

Crop sweaters make no sense to me. At least crop tops are meant to be worn in the summer time. They at least make sense for the season, but crop sweaters? What? I just want to be warm. wEaR a TaNk ToP uNdEr It. That’s stupid. I’m not buying clothes for my clothes.


18. Creepy undies

That men’s underwear with “Addicted” printed on the waistband. Addicted to what, the wearer or paying too much for skivvies? Seriously creeps me out.


19. Body modification

Treating the human body as a fashion trend. Plumped up lips, fox eyes, labial trimming, butt implants… just let bodies be bodies. Change the clothing, the make up, but surgery for fashion really grinds my gears.


20. TikTok leggings

Those leggings from tiktok that have that scrunch in the asshole, so they literally suck into your ass crack. I hate it.


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Lead image: Google/Unsplash