28 Face Masks That’ll Also Pass For Halloween Costumes

It is definitely the time of year where people are thinking about Halloween and decorating for it. We also have the added consideration this year of Covid, but that doesn’t have to stop you from being festive. Want to spice up your mask-wearing with a little bit of seasonal flair? Here is a collection of face masks that could double as either a Halloween costume or part of one!

1. This Bat Lace Face Mask

Positive Review: ‘Beautiful and comfortable and I hand washed them just in case but they washed well’ Ellen

Buy on Etsy for $14.99

2. Rocky Horror Picture Show Lips

Positive Review: ‘Very quick shipping and good quality. Looks hilarious on, and I love it!‘ – K I

Buy on Etsy for $15.00

3. ‘Dad Joke Loading’ Face Mask

Positive Review: ‘Breathable mask and the quote is printed nicely. Thank you!‘ – Meagan

Buy on Etsy for $6.99

4. ‘Human’ Queer Pride Mask

Buy on Redbubble for $12.49

5. Fairy Mask

Buy on Dolls Kill for $50.00

6. Custom Fringe Face Mask

Positive Review: ‘Absolutely adore it! Fits perfectly and is so stylish. Thanks ever so much xx‘ –
BeInTheMomentBox Amy

Buy on Etsy for $21.68

7. This Schitt’s Creek ‘Ew, David’ Mask

Positive Review: ‘Super comfortable and very cute 🙂‘ – Shannon Cullen

Buy on Etsy for $7.00

8. ‘I Woke Up Like This’ Mask

Positive Review: ‘Great Masks & Fast Delivery!‘ – Niamh

Buy on Redbubble for $12.49

9. This Rhinestone Covered Mask

Positive Review: ‘Seriously, I got this in 2 days. Love these masks. Lot of bling and fits well. The straps are easy to adjust and filler easy to change. People ask me where I got them.‘ – Tyrone

Buy on Etsy for $14.99

10. Darth Vader ‘I am your father’ Mask

Positive Review: ‘Very comfortable material…I was worried that it would be too big but it fits perfectly! Even the loops are black. I love it!‘ – Helga Yousef

Buy on Etsy for $9.99

11. Grey’s Anatomy ‘Dance It Out’ Face Mask

Positive Review: ‘Who’s ready for Halloween? MEEE 🖐 I love my new mask! It’s soft, fits great, and super comfortable! The shipping was also super fast! Thank you so much, it’s perfect ❤ ‘Amber

Buy on Etsy for $9.99+

12. Tricia Fix Hmong Mask

Positive Review: ‘I get complimented on this mask so often! Everyone loves it, as do I. It fits well in all the necessary places and adds a fun pop of color to any outfit I wear.‘ – franann

Buy it on Freepeople for $22.00

13. Eucalyptus and Olive Pattern Face Mask

Positive Review: ‘Very comfortable and well made‘ – Lisa S.

Buy on Society6 for $13.59

14. 90’s Jazz Wave Face Mask

Positive Review: ‘White with some colors on the face mask is great.‘ – Betty G.

Buy on LookHuman for $13.99

15. This Cheeseburger Cloth Face Mask

Buy it on Zazzle for $12.95

16. ‘Maybe Today Satan’ Face Mask

Buy it on TeePublic for $12.00

17. Exclamation Mark Face Mask

Buy it from HotTopic for $3.96

18. Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters Mask

Positive Review: ‘Got these for my sisters and I. We had so much fun doing a photo shoot with them! Great quality masks!‘ – Kim

Buy it on Etsy for $11.99

19. This Duct Tape Mask

Positive Review: ‘They fit great and everyone who has seen them love them.‘ – Courtney R.

Buy it on Redbubble for $11.45

20. Spider Web Lace Face Mask

Buy it on Etsy for $11.52

21. This Wedding Style Lace Fashion Mask

Positive Review: ‘Absolutely beautiful white lace mask!! Soft material, great shape, comfortable fit – this is everything I hoped it would be for my bestie at her Bach!‘ – Alice

Buy it on Etsy for $11.99

22. ‘Do Not Cross’ Tape Face Mask

Buy it on DollsKill for $10.50

23. ‘The Mask’ Style from the Jim Carrey Movie

Buy it on Etsy for $13.00

24. CJW Netflix and Chill Face Mask

Positive Reviews: ‘One of the softest masks I have bought. I had to immediately purchase because of the Milano cookie print. I can actually breathe while wearing this one. 🙂‘ – jrock12

Buy it from Anthropologie for $15.00

25. Freddy Krueger Inspired Face Mask

Positive Review: ‘Love this mask! Excellent quality! Super soft! Super fast shipping! Will definitely be ordering again from this shop! Thank you!‘ – Leslie Zamora

Buy it on Etsy for $7.99+

26. Foggy Glasses Club Mask

Positive Review: ‘This mask is comfortable and breathable. Love it so much I bought more!‘ – Cindy W.

Buy it on Redbubble for $12.49

27. Silence of the Lambs Face Mask

Positive Review: ‘Not only is this mask super-cool in a retro-spooky way, but also sturdy and beautifully made. And the easily adjustable earloops are a great bonus. Love, love LOVE this mask.‘ – Todd Faulkner

Buy it on Etsy for $16.95

28. Hannibal Lecter Style Face Mask

Positive Review: ‘Love it! And so do other people! I’ve gotten many comments. A little bit big for me but not too bad. I wear it all the time.‘ – Patricia Cameli

Buy it on Etsy for $12.99

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