Children of Karens Share Their Horror Stories (15 Posts)


“My mom will always want to see the manager for whatever slight thing. Once she waited in line a the service desk for something like half an hour because she thought she was overcharged a few cents for two bottles of dish liquid that was on sale. Then she gets up there to complain and she discovers that she was actually undercharged quite a bit. So she complained about not paying enough and the managers said he would have to write up the cashier for the undercharge but she can have the items. Like who wastes that much of their life on this stuff.” — inkseep1


“My mom once had some strong Karen tendencies, but she started channeling that Karen energy into activism, community service, and advocating for people, and it morphed into assertiveness and tenacity rather than rudeness. Honestly, she’s an inspiration to me, because she took what was an issue for her and turned it into something positive that helps others.” — meiyoumayo


“My mother once went to walmart to return some oranges because they went bad on the counter. Her argument was that they should last longer than a few weeks if they were really fresh oranges and Walmart was at fault because they lied about the freshness. I hate walmart, but what I hate even more is having to stand up for them in this case. The poor clerk behind the counter tried to explain at least a dozen times, eventually the manager came in and just refunded the oranges because $3 wasn’t worth his or his employee’s time and he knew that.” — lbaile200


“I can’t go anywhere with her without her having some kind of meltdown. She can’t even go to a restaurant without complaining about something. Nothing is ever her fault. Everything is always someone else’s fault, especially if they’re an employee. She thinks the world owes her everything on a silver platter and if she doesn’t get it right now, then they’re practically conspiring against her to make her life miserable.” — A_Wild_Taka_Appears


“My mom is a Karen. She will blow up at service workers for anything that inconveniences her. She demands service immediately, without any delay. Once when I was with her she stepped into a store and when the girl working the entrance couldn’t answer her question within 5 seconds she shooed the girl away with her hands. It was mortifying. I’ve confronted her about it many times. It’s quite honestly gotten to the point where it is affecting our relationship. She does it regardless if I’m with her or not and it is painfully embarrassing. I usually end up apologising or smoothing things over. Nowadays I refuse to go anywhere with her where she will interact with a service worker. It makes me feel like I don’t know her – I don’t understand how someone who raised me could be so cruel and mean to other people, often girls/women my own age.” — wearyclouds

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