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People Are Sharing The Utterly Stupid School Rules That Actually Got Enforced (19 Stories)

School, like any bureaucracy, came with a whole host of “rules” that were absolutely ridiculous.

Redditor u/SoLe123456 asked the Reddit community: “What’s the dumbest rule your school ever enforced?”

And they gave us flashbacks to our own stupid, stupid “rules” that made absolutely no sense. Here are some of the best answers. I mean, worst.

1. Groups

“Couldn’t be standing around in groups of more than four — ‘gang mentality.'” —Leehk1

2. Bracelets

“They outlawed bracelets because there was an article in a magazine somewhere saying they advertised what sexual acts you were open for based on their color. Then someone tried to outlaw wrist watches for the same reason.”—billbaperky

3. Thongs

“We weren’t allowed to wear thongs. I don’t know how they caught people who did, TBH.” —tiredgeek02

4. Slow dance

“No slow dances at the prom.” —u/chabichiks

5. …Ok

“When I was in junior school (UK boarding school in the ’80s), we were not allowed to say ‘OK’ as it was considered slang and not befitting the young ladies and gentleman that we should aspire to be.”—Goose-rider3000

6. Shoelaces

“Our school had a rule against colored shoelaces because of gang affiliation. 🙄”


7. Sharpie hi

“Locked the only boys bathroom because someone wrote on the wall in Sharpie. It wasn’t even anything rude or inappropriate either. It was just the word ‘hi’ or something like that. Didn’t unlock the door until one boy wet himself and parents threatened to sue.”—Loseruser1201

8. Gamblin’ man

“Playing cards at lunch was prohibited because it ‘promoted gambling.'” —DavyJonesArmoire

9. A ban on… backpacks

“Banned all backpacks/bags on campus. Students were expected to somehow carry everything they needed in hand. This was especially challenging if you had a locker in a non-ideal location.”—u/nospamkhanman

10. Ties — ALWAYS

“You have to wear your tie all the way home. Some sad bastard teachers would stand on the main road away from the school and try to hand out detentions in presumably their own time.”—u/——__————