People Are Sharing The Utterly Stupid School Rules That Actually Got Enforced (19 Stories)

11. Sudden Circles

“Suddenly one day we weren’t allowed to stand in circles during recess because, and I quote, ‘We could be dealing drugs.’ I will add that for the years prior we had been standing in circles no problem.”—Xwind03

12. Stairs

“Different staircases for boys and girls.”—brownhijabi

13. No prep time

“We were not allowed to put our coats on until we were outside. During winter when we would have a storm, we had to go outside in the rain to put our coats on or face receiving a detention if we put them on in the corridor.”—u/Traditional_Sir6609

14. School jackets

“If you were cold, you had to buy a school jacket, which was $30. Students and their parents had a $%**.”—u/comicmac305

15. Bathroom breaks

“We once had a rule that we could only go to the bathroom during class. Not in the breaks. Only during class.”—uncertain_spaghetto

16. RIP phones

“If you were caught on your phone, they’d take it until the end of the week. You’d get it back at half-past three on Fridays. Parents went mental. They ditched that rule after two weeks.”—u/bigfrogbitch

17. Staff bathrooms

“My friend is an administrator at a private school in New Jersey and the faculty has to sign in and out of the bathroom using Google sheets.”—no__ragrets__

18. Ankles

“Girls weren’t allowed to show their ankles. The dean had a pack of socks in her office she would give the students and make them wear. Only girls though. This was the ’00s.”—LoveAndDynamite

19. Online uniforms

“My school made it compulsory to wear uniform during online classes.”—boht-jayaz69