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25 People Share The Horrible Names They’ve Encountered In Real Life


“‘Baby girl.’Yes this was their legal name.” –SilentDoggo


“Okay Arthur Doak. We called him Okay. He was the youngest of 5 kids.

Fancy (named after the Reba song) and her sister Truly (named after Truly Scrumptious from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang)

Secretlove. She was a kid my mom met when my mom worked at a pediatrician’s office. Secretlove’s mom laid out the whole story to my mom about the name.” –Emebust


“My friend went to high school with Richard Noggin.” –paintedbyfailure


“Wednesday Passion. That was a little girl i use to babysit.” –shorthodur17


“Nevaeh. It’s heaven backwards. Anyone that tells you their daughter is named Nevaeh will also tell you that it’s heaven spelled backwards. Every time.” –Jayjhis


“My mother is a genealogist and discovered that my great great great something grandparents were named Lettuce and Nimrod. A power couple.” –maggggy


“I went to high school with a guy named Zip Daub.

His middle name was Adydo.

They named that motherfucker Zip Adydo Daub.”


“I have friends whose parents gave them names like “Benadryl”, “Goodbye”, “Very helpful” and the absolute worst “Dishwasher”. This, however is because people from the rural regions ( especially in the North-East) come to the cities, and see words in ads and billboards that they find pretty and innocently name their children after a variety of brands.”


“Graduated with a girl named Bodacious.” –IronHarvester86


“Chaos and Mayhem. Brother and sister. Mom is a metalhead stoner.” –bananainmyminion

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