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25 People Share The Horrible Names They’ve Encountered In Real Life

Mammas, don’t let your babies grow up with these names. The Internet is full of stupid stuff. But, these parents gave their kids legal names that are dumber than any meme. These horrible names people encountered in real life are even more horrible to think about because they’re legal. On paper. Verified.

It’s one thing if your family name translates into English poorly. Americans need to grow up and accept other languages into their culture. Still, it was funny that my high school buddy’s name was “Fady” and we all said “Fatty.” Or the guy I knew whose family name was Dikshit. These things happen.

Others, however, know better and purposefully name their kids something awful.

Reddit has a lot going on right now, but people are still on there asking the important questions. Yes, they want to know what stocks to buy next, but they also want to hear what funny stupid names people have. 

Here are the funniest and weirdest responses to the question “What horrible, ridiculous names have you heard parents choose to call their children?”:


“An ex had friends who named their kids Haight and Rayge (hate and rage). Good luck kids.” –Idonediditdonedidit


“Had a little boy in my program named Rowdy. Eh… kind of rednecky but, whatever.

Then I found out his older brother is named Howdy! WTF?

Found out later that the older boys legal name is Howard. That’s less ridiculous, at least.” –mrsrariden


“My neighbor was the 12th kid. His parents named him Twelver. That’s gotta be the worst I’ve ever seen.” –MelyssaRave


“Novemba.” –rockerswise


“I work at a college and often go through the new applications to process them, I’ve seen all kinds.

Most ridiculous name I’ve seen thus far though:

Starscream Anakin as his first and middle names. He has a normal last name. When I first saw it, I was certain that it was a kid fucking with our application system. Then I met him in person, and he showed me his ID.

His name is legally Starscream Anakin. I get the Anakin part, but of all the Transformers to name your kid after, why on Earth make it Starscream? He was just awful.” –Boxboy7


“I once encountered a plump young woman whose name, according to her ID, was Rotunda.” –TheSanityInspector


“Queeth.” –fijiloo


“I went to high school with a guy named John John John. Yes, his first name, middle name and last name were all ‘John.'” –MmeGrey


“Some friends of mine in high school knew a girl named Cash Money. Met her once and she said her name with some made up accent.” –Nikkus430


“My mother knew someone who named their kid Har$

Yes, that’s pronounced Harmony.” –SebasH2O


“My dad wanted to name my little brother My Kid, with his middle name as Rules.

So his full name would be my My Kid Rules [Our last name].

My mom stopped him though.” –EndlessBellyButton8


“Christgift, Christwill and Christgood all siblings. Bless their hearts.” –GAG-NON-GLOBAL


“Lihburtee.” –cdgal38382


“Heard a lady yell at her kid. ‘Graceland Tennessee stop running around!'” –morosebae


“Chevy, because he was conceived in the bed of a Chevy truck.” –aliyvonne