17 People Share Their “Something’s Wrong I Can Feel It” Moments

Intuition is not just for moms. Everyone has experienced a situation that has given them a bad feeling or seemed a bit off and a lot of the time, they’re right.

Redditor u/euphoricwariofangirl asked the people of Reddit: “What was your “Something’s wrong, I can feel it” moment?”

And the replies are intense.

Here are 17 of the most popular stories from the thread.


“I had a doctors appointment early in the morning before school a few years ago and getting into the car that morning the air felt off. The smell. The temperature. The energy felt like something was bound to go wrong that day.
On my way to school from the doctors appt. my phone and my moms phone scream this emergency alert to take shelter because of a tornado warning, but because we get them all the time (living in Tornado Alley of the South), we brushed it off especially because we couldn’t see anything.

It wasn’t 30 seconds and the brush of trees to our left that we drove by revealed a massive, monstrous funnel heading towards my school, where my sisters also were. I called them, but service was down, and mom and I are speeding through town to my aunts house and I look out the back window to see the tornado in the distance heading towards us and at the top of the funnel we’re barn doors, house parts and loads of other debris. I’m screaming “OH MY GOD” and we’re wide-eyed feeling like we’re going to die. Still trying to get ahold of my sisters but they’re not answering and the news channel tells us the funnel is heading towards the school and hit the garbage company behind it.
All in all, they were safe. Mom and I were safe. But at the end of the day, I KNEW something was off when I woke up. I had just gotten my permit, still learning how to drive. Mom wanted me to drive back from the appt. but for some reason I felt that she should. She didn’t question it. That has to be one of the scariest days I experienced.” –pixxielust


“Ran into an old friend from high school at a local tavern.

He was telling me how life was good, had a great job where all he did was walk around and dink coffee all day, and when he leaves he hits the bars every night to socialize.

Something was off, he didn’t seem sincere, kind of had a “fake” attitude about the whole thing but I couldn’t place it.

A month later he ate a shotgun behind his parents house. I didn’t put the pieces together, but if you’re drinking heavily every night with a fake smile, chances are you’re not a happy person.” –gregmcmuffin101


“I was on a ladder at my work, and thought “someone could die falling off of this.” I get home to find out my best friend died while falling off a ladder at the same time.” –MushySnuggleBytes


“My mom didn’t call at her usual time. I had an overwhelming sense of dread. I called an ambulance… She’d had a pulmonary embolism. Despite arranging for her to be flown to the nearest trauma center she died 6 hours later.” – NZT-48Rules


“My sons oxygen level was down to 53% when he was barely 1 week old. He would’ve passed that night if I didn’t get a gut feeling that something was wrong.” –Bulky_Pin2903


“Every time one of my ex-partners cheated on me. I always could just feel when it was happening. I can’t explain what was going on or why, but I knew something was.” –Nytblossom


“Woke up at 2:19 am and was scared. (Yes it was 2:19 exactly according to my alarm clock) I never wake up at night. About an hour later the phone rang. It was the police saying my brother had been in a car accident and was in the hospital. He was riding with one of our friends after a party and they rolled the vehicle multiple times. Both of them were ejected from the vehicle. Neither of them were hurt aside from scrapes and bruises. Both of them were drunk and not wearing seat belts. Police said those two things saved their life. Straight up miracle.
I believe I woke up as they rolled the vehicle. My brother and I always seem to know when something is wrong with the other. For instance, my dog got hit by a car and had to be put down. He called me about 5 minutes after my dog was gone and asked what was wrong. He had no way of knowing something was wrong. He lives 860 miles from me.
I don’t believe in magic or any crazy telepathic stuff, but there are too many cases like this between us to deny that there is something going on.” –TheWesternDevil


“I was a drug addict for 5 years.. bought some stuff from a new guy, wanted it in me asap.. so loaded a needle half my regular dose.. shot it up, began overdosing ..already had my injectable narcan with me.. managed go get that shit all loaded up and into my thigh, 5 of the measured doses later managed to call for an ambulance and got my ass taken care of.. it was some bad shit fentanyl.. without the gut feeling I would’ve shot a whole dose, without my narcan on hand and wouldn’t have even been in the position to call anyone.. that shit doesn’t cure overdose it brings you back from the edge long enough to get treatment.. usually only lasts half hour..before you slip back into an overdose..I’m now clean and expecting my first baby.” –BabyGrundy2021


“I describe it as “feeling death”. I remember the feeling clear as day. I was driving and kept looking around because I was certain there was some hazard I couldn’t find. I got to my destination fine but within 15 minutes my brother is calling me that my dad passed.
Felt it again a year and half later on the elevator at work. This time I recognize the feeling. I checked in with all my loved ones. They are okay. Later that day found out a super awesome co-worker died of bee stings.
That feeling confirms to me that there is something more than what we can see.” –Zil_of_Green_Gables


“March 11, 2011 southeast US I sat straight up from a dead sleep and said “Something has happened.” Turned on the TV immediately and saw the news from Japan. No personal connections there. No idea why I knew.” –Msmurl