HR Workers Share The Weirdest Stuff They’ve Ever Seen (27 Stories)


One of the candidates I was interviewing via Skype

1. answered the phone while in his boxers and a tank top then stood up to grab his blazer that was probably about 3ft away. I had to see him in his stretched out boxers

2. Had a porn site up and open during a shared screen trial (to see how well he can use the digital classroom). I had to remind him I can see his screen he goes “oh yeah sorry” next instead of just closing it from the corner of his partially hidden window he clicks open the window in full view THEN closes it

That was nice—u/SoBreezy74


My dad works in HR. He just told me about a day when they had to layoff about half of the company. It was crazy and there were a whole lot of moving parts that day. Unfortunately, in all the craziness, no one remembered to tell this one new hire that sadly the position he was hired for was no longer affordable.

So he came in to the office only to see everyone clearing out their desks and leaving. And then…he got laid off. An hour into his first day.

He said the guy understood, but it was the most horrible he ever felt for someone in his life.—u/Stopman


One guy had a colostomy bag that he refused to empty when it got full. You would find these trails of liquid poo randomly and we had to throw out four chairs that he ruined. He was fired quickly and tried to claim discrimination because he was a veteran.

You’d also get a crazy amount of period stains on chairs. Look, it happens, but when it’s the same few people (and we have free sanitary supplies in the bathroom!) you know they just don’t care.—u/cincyfan04


Worked for a large trucking company. Every employee would get a present on their birthday (in the mail) and their names on the video board (this weeks birthdays are:).

A guy called to ask if his name could not be on the board. Reason : his twin brother murdered his parents and he did not want to be reminded of his birthday—u/_ana_banana__


Female GM banging 3 co-workers at the same time. Fight broke out once everyone found out about it.—u/spoonythirtywon


At a company I worked at, some employees were playing Squash or similar racket sport at a gym. One of the guys had been working there for over a year, nice guy.

At the gym someone recognised him and called the police. He was arrested shortly afterwards by armed police, for an assassination attempt on the King of Spain. He had fled the country and was using a false name.

News article. Sentenced to 92 years in prison.—u/NibblyPig


Cemetery keeper admits he buries animals that die in the cemetery in occupied graves. Police wont investigate as unlikely to be able to convict. Employer won’t tackle as he is old and litigious. So someone’s nanna is currently bunk bedding with a muntjac and apparently that’s OK—u/lonelytoes234

PS: A muntjac:

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Im not in HR but I did conduct interviews at a previous job.

Literal blood on his resume. I think it was from picking a scab rather than a decent wound but 100% handed me a bloody resume.—u/stihgnob511


I work HR for a call center. Entire company has around 500 employees, maybe 250 of them are in the call center. Entry level work, tiny bit more than minimum wage. A girl started her first week doing really well and then week two got really weird. She walked into the CEO’s office (on another floor in the building) WHILE HE WAS MEETING WITH SOMEONE, to demand that he buy her a dog because she thought having a companion would improve her work performance. That was the entirety of her rationale.—u/smokefrog2


My wife works in HR. She had to question a high ranking employee about an incident where a lower ranking employee – who was being talked to about her inappropriate wardrobe choices which clearly violated-company policy – decided in an act of protest to take out her (quite large) left breast and smack it down on the table and ask him in her thick New England accent “is this too much cleavage for you?”—u/greg2644