HR Workers Share The Weirdest Stuff They’ve Ever Seen (27 Stories)


One of the dumbest things, an employee that worked night audit at a hotel parked his car at the entrance and would occasional go out there to drink a bottle of vodka in full view of the cameras. He didn’t even sit in his car to drink! Just grabbed the bottle out of the car each time and drank in the open. Seriously, he could have put it in a water bottle and drank at the desk and would have not been caught as soon as he was. If at all!—u/tanttrum


In a previous job, the night security guy was connecting 121 to cam girls on overnight shifts using work IT. Camgirl recorded their ‘sessions’ and blackmailed him. HR had to watch the footage of him choking the chicken to completion. Lovely.—u/pilecrap


I’m not in HR but my sister-in-law used to be one for a large Canadian tech firm. An executive at the company got very drunk at a conference in Vegas and the company got a call from the hotel saying they’d have to pay for outside contractors. He had rubbed his poop all over the walls of his hotel room and the hotel cleaning staff refused to deal with it.—u/WhiteyMcBrown


Got a call from our office in India that staff who supported the night shift were running a brothel from the office. They didn’t know they couldn’t do that. Still fired. They tried to appeal the decision. Did not work.—u/gay_flatulent


Someone murdered their husband then called the next day from jail and asked our department for bereavement pay.—u/WearyArachnid9


Not in HR but my first real job as an adult, I showed up and sat in the parking lot waiting for the hiring manager to show up for over an hour on my first day. Finally someone else showed up to unlock the door and start my training- turns out the manager that hired me had been killed by an alligator over the weekend. F—kin Florida, man.—u/AshleySuzanneee



Not directly in HR but involved at my last job. We had to let someone go (after he’d worked with the company for over 20 years) because he would watch porn for literally hours each day. On company equipment, without even trying to cover his tracks. And not just any porn…armpit fetish gay porn.—u/ozzynozzy

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