worst job interview questions

Some Jobs Aren’t Worth The Job Interview (21 Stories)

Job interviews are one of the most stressful experiences a person can go through, especially if they are unemployed and have been so for a while. What’s worse is that some interviewers go out of their way to make the experience as unpleasant and intimidating as possible by throwing out some of the worst job interview questions imaginable.

If you’ve never found yourself in that situation, consider yourself lucky. If this viral AskReddit thread from u/iiLady_Insanityii is any indication, there are quite a number of folks who have had uncomfortable and weird job interviews because of the person sitting across from them.

“What was the weirdest, most inappropriate or most unexpected thing you were asked during a job interview?” they asked recently. The responses were funny, shocking, and anything but boring:

worst job interview questions, worst job interview


First question of an interview: “Wait, aren’t you the guy who owes me that thousand dollars?” Realized after three of the longest seconds in my life that he was joking, but boy that caught me off guard.—u/maleorderbride


Does lie detector during the hiring process count? I was asked if I’d ever had sex with animals. That question certainly caught me off guard Edit: This was for a job as a Sheriffs deputy.—u/Wide_Open_Colon


Lovers (an adult toy/accessories shop in the US) hands you an elephant sized, wiggly ass dildo and asks you to describe it.

You giggle you lose.

I lost.—u/battermassacre


“What does your father do for work?” I was like 24 years old…pretty sure he was seeing how little he could pay me.—u/bananana-88

worst job interview questions, worst job interview


“Are you pregnant?” And after I said no “Are you planning to get pregnant?”

Edit: to clarify a few things, it was a research position, it was in the UK, it is illegal to ask this question here, I did report her eventually, nothing was done.—u/__checkmate


I had a guy end my interview by asking me what my favorite ABBA song was. I was so caught off guard and honestly kind of creeped out, because I couldn’t figure out how he knew that I loved ABBA. I found out later that when he spoke to my references, he asked them to tell him something about me that wasn’t on my resume, and my old boss told him that I was a huge ABBA fan.—u/mabbbs


They asked me if I could stop my dialysis treatments so I can be more available. Yeah Karen, let me just die for less that 15 an hour.—u/wanderinwiccan

worst job interview questions, worst job interview


Interviewer :- Do you know how to swim?

Me :- Umm, no?

Interviewer :- Get out.—u/CRYTEK_T-REX


“Listen I have nothing against hiring a chick for the job, but I can’t afford to have you go off on maternity leave, so are you planning on getting knocked up in the near future?”—u/Dyingforsomelove


” Can you make your breasts smaller? They might be a distraction for some of our patients here.” This was at a hospital. And I wasn’t wearing anything provocative, I just have big boobs. I didn’t get the job, they told me it was because I was too inexperienced.—u/FieldCape