Some Jobs Aren’t Worth The Job Interview (21 Stories)


What are the chances of you leaving your spouse if we relocate you? You mean… for a period of time until we figure out our living situation? No, I mean would you divorce him if you had to move to, say Europe, for the job? Wow

Also, this was a local advertising agency. They didn’t even have that many national clients.

But also, the interviewer then continuously called and messaged me for days after I declined their offer. So I don’t know.—u/galedriel

worst job interview questions, worst job interview


“What kind of porn do you like?” I was in the process of getting a government job that required a high security clearance, I was being interviewed by an agent. Most of the questions were pretty basic but this one caught me out of left field.—u/GorillaonWheels


“Which teacher did you hate the most and why” I answered that I had disagreed with a teacher over a book (I didn’t like it and it was her favorite) and she knocked points off all my future tests.

Interviewer said it was unprofessional to not like a teacher and I “clearly had no interview experience”. So yeah, didn’t get that internship.

Edit: Book was Elektra. Thought it was stupid that everyone was mad over Agamemnon (who I thought was kind of sh—y).—u/dumb-funsies


I was a private nanny. I have been asked many questions that wouldn’t be considered appropriate in any other job interview. I’ve been asked: How often I shower. Whether I have ever been to a therapist/psychiatrist. If I am promiscuous. If I have ever had an affair with an employer. How much I typically eat in a day. Do I have a partner. What religion I am. Whether I was gay or straight. If I had ever been bribed or had anyone ever attempt to bribe me. Whether I had ever taken nude pictures. Etc. Not all in the same interview.—u/The_Sadie_Jadie

worst job interview questions, worst job interview


I was the interviewer, and asked the candidate to tell me about a time that they had to have a difficult conversation with someone.

His answer? “Well, my friend’s boyfriend was abusing her, so I told him that I would kick his ass if he didn’t stop. He didn’t stop, so I had to follow through and beat him up. It was hard, but I had to follow through on my commitment to helping my friend.”

He did not get hired for the job working with children.—u/michelleeh


One interview I was asked two weird questions for an interview as least. Favorite super hero and why. Do you believe in aliens, why or why not- 30 second elevator pitch.—u/thropeedo22


I had an adversarial interview once. Passed the skills interview and was sent on to the guy who would be my manager if I got the job. He made a big show of throwing my resume in the trash and told me the next best use would be to “wipe his ass with it” since he went to Yale and I didn’t, and why did I think I deserved the job? I didn’t say anything, just got up and walked out. (This was at AIG, remember them? Lol)—u/fartran


“The real reason I asked you in today is because your last name sounded like your white. We’ve had the worst luck with black guys doing the job right”—u/IRDragonBorne


I was told being “thick” and “a little gothy” would provide a lot of variety to the male clients, and I would make “tons” in tips.—u/KevinTheAccountant69

worst job interview questions, worst job interview


One of my worst job interview questions: I was asked if I’d ever sent identifiable nudes in a job interview.—u/ThrowRA8390398


Very first job I interviewed for was a movie theater while I was still in highschool. Manager: are you available Sunday morning? Me: yes I have open availability. Manager: So you don’t attend church Sunday morning? Me: No, I’m free. Manager: Oh, so you’re gonna burn in hell? Me: uh… Sorry, huh? Manager: Nothing it’s fine—u/Titaniumtank

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