30 People Share The “Dark Secrets” And “Questionable Practices” Of Their Job Most Folks Don’t Know About


Sometimes librarians read the new books before registering them in the catalogue for the public.—u/ashesthenphoenix


How many people who work with children (teachers, childcare workers, etc.) don’t follow confidentiality guidelines. Gossiping about families with coworkers, talking about children’s home situations, creeping family’s social media, etc.—u/secretlymorbid


I work in logistics/trucking/rail/ocean/air freight. Everyone, lies about everything, all the time.—u/ScallyWag-Idiot


At a very large pizza chain restaurant that remains widely popular, we had these perforated pans for thin crust and stuffed crust pizzas. They’d get washed in the dish washer by the hundreds per day and at least half would still have burnt cheese and shit on them. Well they were just stacked to dry. When making new pizzas in those pans, sometimes the pans that were left to “dry” overnight grew bits of mold around the burnt cheese.

We were told just to put the dough on top because otherwise we’d never keep up with the orders if we rewashed everything. The manager said, “don’t worry, it gets cooked”.—u/69fatboy420


A lot of the time the engineer you talk to about your project (and decide to trust with it) delegates it to cheaper contractors as soon as you sign the paperwork. Their job is new business.—u/steelavian


When we take x-rays of your pelvis, we can see your penis. And we can see your labial folds.—u/Givemetheformuol

Bonus: “I was more embarrassed seeing the MASSIVE turd I was storing on the xray when the cute tech handed over my charts.”—u/MJC088


I’m sure most know this, but 99.9% of advertisements involving ‘real people’ is acted and scripted. Even when the people being interviewed are indeed non-actors, they are prompted on what to say. For example, recently we interviewed a guy who won a car from one of our brands.

First round:

Interviewer: Congrats on your win! How do you feel?

Guy: Uhh… really great. It’s a real surprise, to be honest. Thank you.


Interviewer: Interviewer: Congrats on your win! How do you feel?

Guy: I feel so lucky to have won a (BRAND) car! The design and handling is first rate, and I’m most impressed by the fuel consumption. I will definitely keep on holding (BRAND) as my top car of choice.—u/ImmortanJoe


You can buy stamps from your mailbox, just leave a note and money and stamps will be there the next day.—u/Reeberton


University Professor: we don’t actually read your entire answer. Most of us don’t.—u/RevolutionaryBuddha


You do not want to know how long food sits on the loading dock before it gets into the cooler.—u/Murgatroyd314